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Can a mutual fund ever lose money?

Yes. If the fund is not capital guaranteed, the investor can have a capital gain or loss on his investments.

How long does an ideal mutual fund investor hold his investments?

1-5 years depending on the nature of the fund. While income funds can be held for a year, equity funds should be held for more than two years.

Are all mutual funds capital guaranteed?


Can I forecast mutual funds return & dividend on the basis of past performance?

No. Past performance is no guarantee of its future performance.

Are any of the mutual funds belonging to the following Fund Houses guaranteed by SCB?

No. SCBPL is only a distributor of these funds.

SCBPL currently distributes selected funds:
A) MCB Arif Habib Savings and Investments Limited.
B) UBL Funds.
C) Al Meezan Investments.

Which is the riskiest investment; an Equity fund, Income fund or a Money market fund?

The riskiest is an equity fund followed by fixed income funds and least risky being money market fund. However an equity funds can give the highest returns reflecting the inherent risk on the investment.

If I redeem today, how fast can I get my money?

You can get your funds back in to your account within 6 working days from the date the application is received at the fund house

What is the current value on my Unit Trusts?

A fund’s unit price, Net Asset Value (NAV), is published on the Fund House’s website as well as leading financial newspapers on a daily basis. You may obtain this NAV and multiply it with your number of units to get the current investment value.

Example: NAV is Rs 133.47. Your number of units is 40,000
40,000 * Rs 133.47= Rs 5,338,800/-

Is it better to stay in or out of the equity markets at this time?

One of the world's most famous investment managers, when asked the same question, answered by saying: There is no "best time" for investing in equity funds, as they offer so many different opportunities regardless of stock market conditions. There are funds that perform well in rising markets and others for falling markets. The choice is vast. What one should aim at is to make not make investments at one time. The best way to invest in funds is to do so regularly, either by a regular saving plan, or whenever you have spare money in your bank account.

If the markets are "crashing" what should I do? Should I sell my UT holdings?

As SCBs role is NOT of advisory but that of facilitator we are not in a position to advise. However ideally your decision should depend on:

  • Tenor of your investment
  • Risk outlook
  • Need of liquidity
I don't feel comfortable. I want to sell my UT holdings immediately.

Okay. Please fill out the Asset Management Company’s (AMC) Redemption Form. You will receive your funds in your account within 6 working days from the date of receipt of the application form at the AMC.

I understand that the market is panicking now, but what if I need my money from my mutual fund investment in about 6 months' time?

You can submit your request for redemption on any working day of the week. The market may be lower, higher or stagnant at that time.

Is the worst over, or is there more to come?

Financial markets are organic, dependent on social, economic & political conditions prevailing. The future movement of the market cannot be predicted but only estimated as various analysts give expert opinion on future performance based on certain assumptions.


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