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As you take each step in life, your role and responsibilities change. Whether you are at the beginning of your career, have just started a family, require funds for your children's education or marriage or would like to plan for your retirement, you need to have a financial planning tool which can respond to your changing circumstances and at the same time provide you sufficient funds to fulfill your and your family's needs.

Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited brings you Invest 'n' Assure through EFU Life Assurance Ltd. It is a flexible and high value savings and protection plan that ensures that your dreams become a reality at all stages of life.... throughout your life!

Salient Features
  • Choose different levels of life insurance protection for the same amount of premium.
  • Change your level of life cover as your circumstances change.
  • Get loyalty rewards through Guaranteed Loyalty Bonus.
  • Accelerate the build-up of your funds through Fund Acceleration Premiums.
  • Participate in the returns of the EFU Managed Growth Fund.
  • Cover yourself through Whole-of-life Insurance Protection.
  • Access your savings when you need them.
  • Add supplementary benefits to tailor the plan to your needs.


The following illustration shows the expected cash value for a plan taken out for a customer, aged 32. The plan has an initial basic annual contribution of PKR 50,000 with a protection multiple of 50. The sum assured guaranteed is PKR 2,500,000 and the projections are as follows:

7% p.a.unit growth rate*
Policy Year Death Benefit Fund Value (PKR)
5 2,500,000 188,720
10 2,500,000 485,589
15 2,500,000 883,711
20 2,500,000 1,407,997
9% p.a.unit growth rate*
Policy Year Death Benefit Fund Value (PKR)
5 2,500,000 198,487
10 2,500,000 538,846
15 2,500,000 1,040,968
20 2,500,000 1,768,211
11% p.a.unit growth rate*
Policy Year Death Benefit Fund Value (PKR)
5 2,500,000 208,679
10 2,500,000 598,206
15 2,500,000 1,228,944
20 2,500,000 2,239,795

* The rate of return assumptions mentioned in the above table are before deduction of the Fund Investment Management charges. These charges have been deducted from the rate of return assumptions prior to determining the Illustrative Values in the tables.

Important Notes:

  • The cash values given in the table are illustrated based on assumptions. The actual values can be higher or lower than the ones illustrated above depending upon the performance of the underlying investments in the EFU Managed Growth Fund.
  • The death benefit and cash values can be further enhanced by payment of Fund Acceleration Premiums.
  • A description of how the contract works is given in the policy Provisions and Conditions.
  • The product is underwritten by EFU Life Assurance Ltd, hence not guaranteed or insured by Standard Chartered Bank or its affiliates and is not a Standard Chartered Bank product. EFU Life Assurance Ltd. will be responsible for settlement of claim or any other disputes.

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