A hassle free, single premium investment option with built-in natural and accidental death benefit.


Sarmaya Plus is a hassle free, single premium investment option with built-in natural and accidental death benefit. 100% of your single premium is allocated to account value. Most importantly it gives you the option of choosing your own mix of investment strategy from the available multiple investment strategy options.

Insurance Coverage

The Plan offers the following coverage:

Guaranteed Death Benefit

  • In the unfortunate event of your death, the following benefit is payable;
  • The higher of Account Value or the Single Premium less any partial withdrawals

Accidental Death Benefit

  • In the unfortunate event of your death due to an accident, the following benefit is payable;
  • Guaranteed Death Benefit as described above; plus
  • An additional benefit equal to 5 times the Single Premium (net of partial withdrawals).

Optional Rider

  • You can increase your life insurance protection by adding Level Term Insurance Rider (LTR) on payment of nominal extra premium. In the unfortunate event of your death during LTR term, an additional lump sum will also be payable in addition to the benefits described above.
Multiple Investment Strategies

You have the option to choose from the following Investment Strategies and funds choices to match your risk profile and financial objectives:

Sarmaya Plus Equity Funds Strategy:

  • Sarmaya Plus PSM Fund: 100% investment is made in Pakistan Stock Market Fund offered by Arif Habib Investments Limited.
  • Sarmaya Plus USF Fund: 100% investment is made in United Stock Advantage Fund offered by UBL Fund Managers Limited.

Sarmaya Plus Income Funds Strategy:

  • Sarmaya Plus PIF Fund: 100% investment is made in Pakistan Income Fund offered by Arif Habib Investments Limited.
  • Sarmaya Plus UGIF Fund: 100% investment is made in United Growth and Income Fund offered by UBL Fund Managers.

Sarmaya Plus Secure Funds Strategy:

  • Sarmaya Plus Secure Fund: 100% investment is made in Pakistan Investment Bonds (PIB).
Guaranteed Loyalty Bonus

The longer you continue the Plan, the higher rewards will gain in the form of generous loyalty bonuses. A loyalty bonus comes in the form of extra units added to your account value at the end of every 5 years to accelerate growth of your funds. The bonus allocation is a percentage of Single Premium and is only allocated if no withdrawls are made during the whole of the preceding 5 years period.

The Loyalty Bonus Allocation would be as follows:

Policy Year Loyalty Bonus Allocation as % of Single Premium
5 2%
10 3%
15 4%
20 and every 5 years thereafter 5%


    • What is Sarmaya Plus?
      Sarmaya Plus is a unique investment cum protection plan that provides you a hassle free one time investment option.

      Sarmaya Plus gives you the freedom of creating your own investment mix, from the available multiple investment Strategies, per your risk and return appetite while the protection feature of the plan provides you life insurance coverage from the moment you invest in the plan.

      Any one between the age ranges of 5 to 60 years is eligible for this ideal investment package.

    • How the premium is paid?
      No, you can enroll for Alerts on only One Mobile number against one relationship number.

    • How does Sarmaya Plus work?
      100 % of Single Premium you pay is used to buy units of the chosen Investment Strategy (ies) and Fund(s) at the applicable Offer Price. The management charges and cost of insurance (if any) are deducted on a monthly basis from your Account Value. The process will continue till the end of the elected term.

      On completion of term – the maturity date – accumulated account value will be paid to you in a lump sum.

    • Does the Plan offer any free look period?
      If you cancel your policy within the free look period of 14 days from the policy issue date, you are entitled for a full refund of premium less any expenses incurred by ALICO in connection with your medical or clinical examinations.

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SCBPL is the third party distributor for "Sarmaya Plus". The product is not guaranteed or insured by Standard Chartered Bank or its affiliates and is not a Standard Chartered Bank product.

Past performance of funds is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Any forecast made is not necessarily of future or likely performance of the funds.

Your relationship is with ALICO. In turn, ALICO makes investments in line with the strategies you have chosen, and your Policy Account Values will reflect the performance of the strategies you select. The Investment Account earnings will fluctuate up or down and principal and investment returns are not guaranteed. In order to continue to best serve its Policy Owners, or in the event of change in applicable legislation, ALICO may add, combine, or delete sub-accounts and / or funds, which back the investment strategies without notice to its policy owners. As the Policy Owners' investments are made with ALICO, in Goals, rest assured that ALICO's obligations to its individual Policy Owners under Goals will not be altered or amended by any such change.

The Investment Strategies and Investment Sub-accounts offered are subject to the Company's ability to invest in mutual funds or in any other investment instruments.

Please note that at all times your investment is your ALICO Policy and the various Investment Strategies it offers. ALICO is the investor and owner of units in any Fund it currently uses to achieve investment goals on your behalf.

Neither ALICO nor any of its affiliates, agents or representatives is giving investment advice in relation to any of the Investments Strategies and / or in connection with the underlying Funds used to achieve the investment goals selected by the Policy Owner. Neither ALICO nor any of its affiliates, agents or representatives is giving any professional advice regarding the compatibility of the underlying Funds with any set of religious precepts or guidelines.

Please Note: This is a brochure not a contract. The detailed terms & conditions are stated in the Policy document.

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