Free credit period of up to 51 days to pay for your purchases.
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Special Features

Saadiq VISA Credit Cards have been carefully developed by an international team of professionals with Islamic financial expertise, who ensure that our products are within the guidelines of Islamic finance. Saadiq Credit Cards operate on the 'Ujrah' concept which is based on a fixed fee structure, meaning that only fixed fee will be charged to the customer. The Card would not be levied with any floating percentage fee dependent upon the outstanding balance.

Saadiq VISA Credit Cards give you the option of either paying the entire outstanding amount or pay only a minimum amount of the outstanding balance by the payment due date. In consideration of the continued usage of the card and the benefits and privileges associated with the Card, a fixed maintenance fee will be payable on a monthly basis.

Effective 16th August 2012, New Cashback offer will be applied on the Credit Card mentioned above. Click here for more details.


Avail 5% Cashback on up to PKR 10,000 of fuel transactions, and save up to PKR 500* on fuel each month! You can save upto PKR 6,000 every year on transactions at Fuel stations!


Avail 5% Cashback on Supermarket transactions of upto PKR 10,000 and save up to PKR 500* every month!

Electronic Outlets

Just when you think that the SCB Saadiq Cashback Credit Card is just too good to be true, it gets even better. We are pleased to introduce 3% Cashback on Electronic Outlets in addition to your savings each month on your Fuel and Supermarket. You can save upto PKR 500* per month.

However, there is an upper monthly cap of PKR 1,000 per Card.

Cashback Calculation

Every time you conduct a transaction, a credit entry (amounting to the % Cashback offered on that merchant category) will be made instantly against that transaction on your card account. For example, if you purchase PKR 1,000 worth of fuel on your SCB Saadiq Credit Card, you will get PKR 50 in Cashback rewards immediately. The net amount charged to you for that transaction will be PKR 950.

More Features & Benefits

Shariah Compliant Solution

Pakistan's first and only Riba-free Credit Card that provides easy acceptability and convenience across the globe.

Fixed Fee Structure

The fee structure is based on monthly fixed fee unlike conventional credit cards, where fee is a percentage of the outstanding amount or transaction amount.

Global Acceptability

Your Standard Chartered Saadiq Credit Card can be used at more than 30,000 establishments in Pakistan and over 24 million locations worldwide. This gives you convenience, recognition and security wherever you are. With the Saadiq Credit Card, you can pay for shopping, meals, travel, entertainment; virtually anything that money can buy. Whether you spend in dollars or in any other currency, all your billings will be in Pak Rupees.

Buy Now, Pay Later

With your Saadiq Credit Card, you have a free credit period of up to 51 days to pay for your purchases.

Minimum Amount Due Policy

Please note that under the Minimum Amount Due (MAD) calculation, effective from 15th March' 2010, the Minimum Amount Due will be calculated as follows:

  • If your current balance is less than PKR 500, you will have to pay the balance in full.
  • In case the current balance amount is more than PKR 500, the Minimum Amount Due will be equivalent to PKR 500 or 1% of your principal balance amount, whichever is higher.
  • In addition to the above stated amount, the following fees and charges (all or those applicable) will also be a part of the minimum payment amount:
    • Maintenance Charges
    • Other fees
    • Any amount payable over and above the credit limit of the credit card
    • Amount of the unpaid / outstanding minimum payment amount due in the previous month(s) date
    • Fixed monthly installment (if you are subscribed to an installment plan)
Monthly Maintenance Fee

For it services, the bank will charge a fixed Monthly Maintenance Fee depending on the card type.
*However, the bank may waive off the charges for any given month on its own discretion.

Cash Advance

You do not need to carry cash any more, if you have a Standard Chartered Saadiq Credit Card. Any amount up to 30% of your credit limit is available to you as cash. You can obtain cash advance at ATMs and financial institutions worldwide displaying the VISA logo.

Supplementary Cards

Share the experience with your loved ones! You can gift family members, employees, or absolutely anyone with a Saadiq VISA Supplementary Card and let them enjoy the benefits and privileges Saadiq VISA Credit Cards have to offer. Avail up to 5 Supplementary Cards and have them made for anyone who is more than 18 years of age.
All your Supplementary Card members share your basic credit limit. The Supplementary Cards will carry a separate account number so that in case of loss or theft, only the affected cards need cancellation. The unaffected Card(s) continue to enjoy uninterrupted Card usage. All charges incurred on the Supplementary Cards will be reported on your monthly statement.

24hr Phone Banking

You now have access to round-the-clock banking. At Standard Chartered Phone Banking, you can avail a variety of services through our self-service banking option or speak to your personal Phone Banker. The services available include Credit Card account balance information, bill payments and much more. Our Phone Bankers are available round-the-clock to register complaints and respond to your queries.
For more information, just dial 111 002 002 or email us at:


It's always our priority to provide our customers with optimal convenience. Standard Chartered offers you the facility to have your Credit Card statements emailed to you, so you can stay updated no matter where you are.
For more information, just dial 111 002 002 or email us at:

SMS Banking

Get the convenience, privacy and security of banking through your mobile phone. Receive instant access to your account information including your outstanding balance or payment due date. Simply register your mobile number with Standard Chartered SMS Banking and get complete control of your account whenever and wherever!
For more information, just dial 111 002 002 or email us at:

Internet Banking

Our free Internet Banking Service gives you the ability to manage your Credit Card and Bank Account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    • What is Standard Chartered Saadiq Visa credit card?
      Standard Chartered Saadiq Visa credit card is a Shariah – compliant Credit Card, that is interest free. The card operates on the 'ujrah' concept which is based on a fixed fee structure. Saadiq Visa Credit Card provides worldwide benefits with the convenience comparable to a conventional credit card.

    • How do I activate my SCB Saadiq VISA Credit Card?
      Upon receiving your SCB Saadiq VISA Credit Card, simply call our Customer Services at 111 002 002 from your contact numbers (Office / Residence) registered on our system and get it activated.

    • Where can I use Saadiq Visa Credit Card?
      The Saadiq Visa Credit Card can be used globally for any transaction at any merchant outlet accepting Visa Credit Cards. Please note that Saadiq Credit Card should not be used for items such as alcohol, pork related products, gambling, pornography or other illegal activities. Cardmember should ensure that the card is not used for such transactions in order to comply with the Shariah principles.

    • How does Saadiq Visa Credit Card work?
      Saadiq Visa Credit Card, the first ever Shariah – compliant Credit Card, gives you the option of either paying the entire outstanding amount or pay only a minimum amount of the outstanding balance by the payment due date. A fixed monthly maintenance fee will be levied. However, the bank may waive off the charges for any given month on its own discretion.

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