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Addressing all your financial priorities in life.

From everyday banking to long-term investing, we bring you a suite of world-class solutions to help meet all your financial needs.

Convenient Banking Solutions

Enjoy the benefits of banking accounts and solutions in both local and foreign currency that provide you with full transactional capabilities, special pricing privileges and higher returns.

Our solutions include:

  • Current and Checking Accounts
  • Savings Accounts with highly competitive interest rates
  • Time Deposit Accounts and
  • A range of banking services from demand drafts to foreign exchange services, safe deposit boxes and telegraphic transfers

Some of the innovative savings accounts you can open with us are:

e$aver Account
Manage your money anytime, anywhere, and watch your savings grow faster with our competitive interest rates.

Marathon Savings Account
Enjoy an interest rate as attractive as that of time deposits while enjoying the transaction convenience and the flexibility to withdraw your money anytime.

My Dream Account
Save for your children's future with a special account that's easier for you to manage.

World-Class Wealth Solutions

In managing your investment requirements, we take a comprehensive approach with solutions and products customised to meet your individual financial goals, life stages and risk appetite.

Your Relationship Manager, together with a qualified team of product specialists will ensure that you receive the best solutions on the full range of investment, treasury and insurance products.

Core Investments Portfolio

Your core investment portfolio comprises wealth-generating instruments designed to help you achieve your long-term financial needs.

First, we work out your long-term financial needs, such as property investments, funding your child’s education or preparing for your retirement.

Then we assess your risk profile and help you build stable portfolios suitable for your profile to meet these needs and geared towards maximising your returns within your required timeframe.

Your core portolios comprise traditional investments such as deposits and unit trusts that give you exposure to a diversified range of asset classes such as cash, bonds and equities.

The range of asset classes is determined by our proprietary strategic asset allocation models. Depending on your preference we can offer you off-the-shelf portfolios or help you create them from our recommended funds selected based on our in-house research.

Satellite Investment Portfolio

Your satellite investment portfolio supplements your core portfolio working to capture specific opportunities that are typically short term in nature.

As your financial priorities evolve, we will continue to work with you to identify specific investment opportunities that are suitable to your risk profile and financial status. These portfolios typically comprise of alternative investments such as structured products, foreign currency investments, margin trading services and securities trading.

Protection Portfolio

To ensure that the wealth you have build remains protected, and to ensure that your family's future is looked after, even in unforeseen circumstances, we will work with you to find the right insurance plans. Insurance plans range from whole life/universal life plans to endowment plans, term insurance and investment linked insurance portfolios that provide you returns and coverage at the same time.

A comprehensive approach to keeping you informed

To keep you informed, you can get access to reports and podcasts on:

  • Weekly Market views
  • Quarterly and Annual outlooks
  • Special Investment topics

You will also be invited to client events with our global research and investment strategy teams as well as leading investment specialists from our partners to give you greater insights and regular updates on market trends and developments.


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Property Investment Solutions

Whether you are a seasoned or first-time property investor, we have made it our priority to help you secure the right loans and support you on maximising returns from your investments in property markets.

Our property investment solutions come with specially customised benefits that help you capitalise on the opportunity efficiently and on time. These include :

  • Improved financing terms specially offered to you as a Priority Banking customer
  • Simplified documentation that requires minimal paperwork
  • Faster approvals and processing times
  • Preferential pricing tailored by your Relationship Manager
  • Access to property loan specialists

You will also receive frequent updates on property investment opportunities, exclusive invitations to members-only property launches, seminars and other events from our partners.

Unique Card Solutions

Your exclusively customised Priority Banking ATM/Debit and Credit Cards unlock a whole range of services, privileges and rewards that befit your priority status.

Priority Banking ATM/Debit Card

Your specially designed Priority Banking ATM/Debit card is your passport to financial convenience and your primary global relationship card with us.

With this card you can access a range of services such as:

  • Local and International access to your bank accounts
  • Charge free overseas cash withdrawals at
    Standard Chartered and Visa/Plus/Cirrus ATMs worldwide
  • Global recognition of Your Priority Banking status
  • Special discounts on foreign exchange services at Travelex outlets worldwide

Priority Banking Visa Infinite Credit Card

We know you are looking for the best and the most prestigious benefits that reward your total banking relationship with us. With your exclusive Priority Banking Visa Infinite card you can enjoy a world of privileges like no other.

Your Priority Banking Visa Infinite card comes with:

  • Complimentary travel and medical insurance
  • Extraordinary lifestyle privileges on golf, travel, private clubs, fine dining supported by the Visa access platform

Most importantly the Priority Banking Visa Infinite card is the key to unlocking the benefits of your total banking relationship with us. The card gives you access to the points that you earn not only your card spends but also on your deposits, investments and mortgage balances with us.

Please be advised that

- Eligibility criteria apply for membership to the Priority Banking program. Your admission to Priority Banking is at our

- Not all products, benefits and services under Priority Banking may be available in all countries and are subject to
  local regulations. We may vary or withdraw these services at any time.

- You can find out the current services available to you by contacting your Relationship Manager, via phone banking,
  visiting our branches or from the Standard Chartered Bank website in your country.

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