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Understanding your needs

At Standard Chartered Private Bank, we have a comprehensive suite of solutions to help you manage your wealth.
But what’s even more valuable is how your Private Banker puts together tailored solutions that meets your objectives.
Here are some of the ways we’ve helped our clients.

Our Clients

An entrepreneur from Hong Kong

"When I was expanding my business across Asia, I wanted a bank with a good network for payments and managing cash flow, that was internationally-known, well-connected and would be well-respected by my suppliers and clients. Standard Chartered Bank was the natural choice for my business. And Standard Chartered Private Bank became the choice to help manage my personal wealth.

I’m a conservative investor and I don’t want to put the money I have worked hard to make at risk. Standard Chartered Private Bank helps me invest in markets I understand well, like foreign exchange and equities. So I can grow my wealth and pass it on to future generations."

Our Clients

A Middle Eastern business owner

"I've had investment relationships with several banks but Standard Chartered Private Bank is the only one that offers a good range of Islamic, local and international investment opportunities.

It's important that a bank gets the simple things right, such as payments, and puts effort into building a personal, long-term relationship. I value the time my Private Banker takes to help me keep track of any changes to my investments and understand how I can best benefit from them. It makes me feel confident they are looking after my money as if it were their own.

I now have my private bank account and the trading accounts of my business with Standard Chartered Bank – the best of all worlds."


Our Clients

A South Asian executive

"I invest to maintain a certain lifestyle but managing my money has never been high on my list of priorities.

With Standard Chartered Private Bank, I get the full range of banking services in the one place. I can take advantage of multiple centres and have a single point of access for all my accounts.

In addition, my Private Banker goes out of his way to make me feel comfortable managing my finances. He comes to me with investment ideas and is very approachable, which makes it easier for me to take a greater interest in investing."

Our Clients

A global Indian entrepreneur

"My business operates in some very remote places, so when my Standard Chartered Private Banker visits me at my home, I know he’s serious about building a relationship with me.

When you work in emerging markets, it is such a relief when your banking transactions go smoothly. Given that so much of my business revenue comes from this part of the world, it is also important to me that my personal investment capital is diversified in the international financial markets.

I have a good relationship with my Private Banker and that translates into an investment mix that is relevant to me."

Our Clients

A global African entrepreneur

"Being the largest international bank in Africa, Standard Chartered Bank has the onshore and offshore network that I need for my business transactions. Their intimate knowledge of the region means they understand what needs to be done to ensure that my business transactions go smoothly.

When it comes to managing my personal finances, my Standard Chartered Private Banker is always ready to lend me his expertise and acumen. Through the years, he's helped me secure ample investment opportunities in emerging markets. His knowledge has been extremely useful in helping me put together a trust structure that ensures what I've worked hard to build will be passed on to my children.

Giving back to my country is also important to me. I'm proud to say that my Standard Chartered Private Banker doesn't just help me achieve my financial goals, but philanthropic ones as well."

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October 2nd 2014

The Shellshock (or Bash Bug) vulnerability has recently been discovered by IT security researchers. This vulnerability could allow an attacker to gain control over an affected machine, access confidential information and perform unauthorised activities. The Bank has carried out investigations and found no vulnerability in our systems. We will continue to monitor our systems and the external environment to take necessary action if a threat is detected