Credit Card Funds Transfer

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Enjoy savings on your interest charges when you transfer funds from your Standard Chartered Credit Card today.

Our Credit Funds Transfer promotion allows you to convert your limit into extra cash of up to at p.a. for months at processing fee (EIR: % p.a.).

Simply submit the completed application form on the next page and it will be processed within 5 to 7 working days. This promotion is valid till .

To apply, please enter the last 4 digits of your Standard Chartered Credit Card.

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渣打Simply Cash Visa卡
Standard Chartered Simply Cash Visa Card
Lucky draw for up to HKD1,000 extra CashBack
(HKD100 CashBack guaranteed)

Please input your personal information

  • 每位全新信用卡客戶只可獲贈額外現金回贈一次。如全新信用卡客戶參加抽獎多於一次,只有根據本行紀錄,首次抽獎抽獲之額外現金回贈會被視為有效及用作安排額外現金回贈予全新信用卡客戶。
  • Each New Cardholder will be entitled to the Extra CashBack once only. Should the New Cardholder be participated in the Lucky Draw for more than once for whatever reason, only the Extra CashBack drawn from the first lucky draw according to the Bank’s record will be valid and be rewarded to New Cardholders.

  • 以上所收集之個人資料只作本推廣計劃之登記用途並只供內部使用。
  • The above personal data collected is for the purpose of registration to this program and is for internal use only.

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