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About Us

Scope International, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank, UK Plc, which began its operations in Chennai in the year 2001. In just a decade’s time, Scope grew to over 9500 employees, servicing most of the 70 countries where the Standard Chartered Group has a footprint. Over the years, Scope has moved ahead from being a cost-effective venture for the Group to becoming an integral part of its operations providing quality services to Standard Chartered Bank worldwide. It is housed in world-class facilities across its campuses in Chennai, Bangalore, Kuala Lumpur and Tianjin, all of which incorporate international health and safety standards.

Scope handles a wide range of value-added and complex services from Banking Operations to supporting global HR processes, Finance and Accounting services, Software Development and maintenance, and providing IT Service and Helpdesk support and customer service support to the Group globally. Scope is a critical component of the Bank; it provides the Group with scale, efficiency and talent while enabling superior service to the end customer. In tandem with the Bank's robust growth, it has also expanded and has added more complex processes to its offering in areas such as Basel, Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance, Legal, Credit Analytics, etc.

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