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Explore our latest expert opinions and insights on a selection of key topics shaping the future of the banking world.

What to watch in 2022: Climate Change, Inflation and Geopolitics

Watch our thought leaders highlight the key economic and policy trends of 2022, and share insights on climate change, inflation and geopolitics. And of course, the ongoing response to COVID-19. Major policy decisions are on the horizon this year and likely to affect generations to come. How will the response to these issues affect communities and the global economy?

Borderless Business – Positioned for Growth: Growth Challenges and Ambitions amongst Nordic firms

Standard Chartered commissioned the second in its series of Borderless Business research to explore the international ambitions and priorities of multinational corporations (MNCs) from the perspective of CFOs and treasurers. This article outlines findings from the Nordic respondents, where international growth has always been at the heart of their companies’ business strategy, whether across neighbouring countries, more widely in Europe, or further afield.

Watch the replay: Scandinavia Special Edition – Post US Election Webinar

Watch the replay of our Scandinavia Special Edition – Post US Election Webinar which took place on 12 Nov 2020, hosted by Securities Services and Global Research, Standard Chartered, where we discussed the economic outlook following the results from the US election for our Nordic clients.