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Now your voice is your password

SG VoiceID

Now your voice is your password


Welcome to quicker, more exceptional service. With Voice ID, we can verify your identity using just your voice – so there’s no need to remember any passwords or answers to security questions.

Voice ID – making phone banking more convenient and secure

How to Enrol

1. Dial the phone banking hotline
2. Enter your NRIC, Debit Card or Credit Card number
3. Press 1 to enrol for Voice ID
4. Verify your enrolment with the OTP (One Time Password) sent to your mobile number
5. Once verified, repeat the following phase after the tone “At Standard Chartered Bank, My voice is my password”
6. Once completed, you will hear the acceptance of your enrolment
7. An SMS will then be sent to your registered mobile number to confirm your enrolment


  • Voice ID is your voiceprint which we used to authenticate you when you call the client care centre. With it, you can use phone banking securely and conveniently.

  • Instead of entering your One-Time Password (OTP), we’ll verify your identity by asking you to say a short simple phrase.

    Your voice is unique, just as your fingerprint, which means you can create your own Voice ID with us. Once you’ve created your Voice ID, you’ll be able to use your Voice ID to use phone banking and this will also help us protect you against fraud.

  • Our systems will help detect if a recording of your voice is being played. And we’ll recognise an imposter trying to imitate your voice. This is because your voice is unique in the same way that your fingerprint is.

    Voice ID is created by using a voice biometrics system that combines both the physical and behavioural factors of your voice.

  • Yes. Just like your fingerprint, your voiceprint is uniquely yours.

  • Our voices can sound different if we are unwell, however, Voice ID will still work when you are suffering from a general cold or sore throat. In exceptional situations where your voice is severely affected, we’ll verify your identity using a different method.

  • We may not be able to recognise your voice if the line is bad or it’s noisy in the background. If this happens, we’ll transfer you to an agent who will verify your identity by asking you a few security questions. Alternatively, you could call us back when you’re somewhere less noisy or from a different phone.

  • If you ever have problems, we can authenticate you with the standard verification security questions. If it fails to work repeatedly, you can re-register your Voice ID. We can delete your existing Voice ID and let you register your Voice ID again – making sure you call from a quiet environment and using a quality phone line.

  • Voice ID is a complimentary service.

  • If you wish to opt out of Voice ID, you can make a request with our Client Care Executive to assist you. Upon de-registration, you will revert back to using a One-Time Password (OTP) to perform verification.