Salary Advance offers you a revolving line of credit that comes with a
chequebook and a debit card, enabling you to withdraw cash instantly.
Make an


Instant Access to Cash and Greater Convenience
  • 30 conveniently-located Standard Chartered ATMs
  • More than 100 ATMs across our shared network across Singapore
  • Access 90,000 Cirrus ATMs in more than 120 countries with your international ATM card
Online Banking Services
  • Pay any bank's Visa or MasterCard credit card bills online
  • Access more than 360 billing organisations
  • Perform funds transfer
  • Issue e-cheques
Make Repayments Via:
  • Cheque
  • Online Banking
  • Cash payments at any Standard Chartered branch, ATM or cash deposit machine
  • AXS stations
  • SAM machines
How do I Save with Salary Advance?

We charge you 0% interest on the first $3,000 you withdraw, which means you save money when you use your Salary Advance account to pay your outstanding credit card balances at other banks. What's more, you earn 1% CashBack anywhere you use your MasterCard Debit Card, with no limits.

  Salary Advance Other Bank's Credit Card
Outstanding amount $5,000 $5,000
Interest rate 0% for first $3,000 and 17.9% per annum for excess balance 24% p.a.
Interest amount $358 $1,200
You save $842 70% savings

This is for illustration only. The Bank reserves the right to amend any terms of the interest at anytime, at its sole discretion without prior notice.


Aged Between 21-65 with a Minimum Annual Income of:
  • $30,000 for Singapore citizens and permanent residents
  • $80,000 for foreigners with an Employment Pass*
Employment Pass Holders:
  • Foreigners must be holders of P1, P2 or Q type Singapore Employment Passes
  • Q Pass holders must have at least 1 year left on their pass


    • What is Salary Advance?

      Salary Advance is an unsecured revolving credit line that comes with a chequebook and a debit card so you can withdraw cash instantly.


      • No collateral required
      • Get cash up to 2x monthly salary or $100,000, whichever is lower.
      • Receive a cheque book and a debit card for cash withdrawal
      • Interest charged only on the amount used
      • You can repay the money over time with minimum payments of just 3% of outstanding balances or a minimum of $50, whichever is higher
    • How much of my Salary Advance can I use?

      You can withdraw up to your full credit limit using your debit card or cheque book. To check your current available balance, please call our 24-hour Phone Banking at 1800 747 7000 or log on to our Internet Banking service at Standard Chartered Online.

    • Do I only pay for what I use?

      Yes. You will only pay the amount you use. If you do not use your Salary Advance funds, you will not be charged any interest.

    • What are the requirements to apply for Salary Advance?
      You must be aged between 21 and 65 years old with a minimum annual income of:
      • $30,000 for Singapore citizens and permanent residents
      • $80,000 for foreigners with Employment Pass

        Employment Pass holders:
        • Foreigners must be holders of P1, P2 or Q type Singapore Employment Passes
        • Q Pass holders must have minimum one year validity remaining on their pass

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