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MGMHL Campaign Terms & Conditions

  1. This Member-Get-Member Home Loan Referral Campaign ("MGMHL Campaign") is available from 02 July 2015 to 30 June 2017, both dates inclusive ("Campaign Period").

  2. This MGMHL Campaign is open to all personal banking customers (“Existing Customers” or “you”) of Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited (or "us" or "we" or "our" or “Bank”) who refer new customers to us (“Referred Individual”) during the Campaign Period, and where our Home Loan letter of offer is accepted by the Referred Individual on or before 15 July 2017.

  3. Prior to referring a Referred Individual to the Bank, you must:

    • Consent to the Bank disclosing your name to such Referred Individual;

    • Obtain the consent of such Referred Individual to your provision of the personal data relating to such Referred Individual. You must also inform each Referred Individual of the purpose. The purpose is to use their personal data by providing it to the Bank for marketing of the Bank’s products and services; and

    • Inform, and obtain the consent of, such Referred Individual to the Bank’s representative contacting them via phone and message.

  4. A referral will not be considered successful if made by the following groups who are not eligible to participate in this MGMHL Campaign:

    • Our employees, employees of our subsidiaries, related corporations and affiliates, and/or the immediate families of such employees are not eligible to participate in this MGMHL Campaign;

    • Business Clients and Commercial Clients;

    • Existing Customers whose accounts with us including but not limited to savings or current/ cheque accounts or card accounts have been suspended, cancelled or terminated for any reason during the Campaign Period.

  5. For clarity, referrals of staff loans are excluded from this MGMHL Campaign.

  6. You will be eligible to receive the referral fee set out below ("Referral Fee") on a per successful referral basis where ("Successful Referral"):

    • The Referred Individual referred to us and all co-applicants (if any) :

      • The referral is made during the Campaign Period;
      • The Referred Individual submit their Home Loan application to us during the Campaign Period;
      • are at least 21 years of age as at the date of their Home Loan application; and
      • do not have any existing mortgage facilities with us as at the date of their Home Loan application
      • The referral is made in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012;

    • the Referred Individual’s Home Loan application is approved by us; and

    • our Home Loan letter of offer is accepted by the Referred Individual on or before 15 July 2017.

      Referral Fee
      Type of Property
      (Completed and Under Construction properties only)
      Purpose of Home Loan
      New Purchase Refinance
      HDB 0.12% of loan amount, no cap

  7. The date of the referral shall be determined as the date that the Bank receives the contact details of the Referred Individual

  8. Each Existing Customer is limited to Referral Fees for the first 10 Successful Referrals only on a monthly basis, notwithstanding that more than 10 Successful Referrals may have been made. The Referral Fee will be credited to an account held with us as designated by the Existing Customer (and reflected as "CB Lending Operations" in the Referrer’s consolidated monthly statement).

  9. By participating in this Campaign, the Existing Customer confirms that the Referral Fee obtained is not used in any manner to fund the property purchased by the Existing Customer or the Referred Individual.

  10. We reserve the right not to pay Existing Customers the Referral Fee if:

    • The information provided above in relation to the Referral Applicants is incomplete or inaccurate; or

    • The Referral Fee in respect of the Referred Individuals has been paid to a third party.

  11. We reserve the right to determine at our sole and absolute discretion whether Existing Customers have complied with all the requirements of this MGMHL Campaign to be entitled to a Referral Fee.

  12. We may at any time vary, modify, add or delete any of the terms and conditions governing this MGMHL Campaign, including revising the Referral Fee payable, or terminating or withdrawing this MGMHL Campaign, without prior notice or reason.

  13. Our decision in all matters arising out of or in connection with this MGMHL Campaign is final and conclusive and no correspondence will be entertained. The Bank’s decision on all matters related to this MGMHL Campaign will be final and binding on all Existing Customers who participate.

  14. This Member-Get-Member Home Loan Referral Campaign Terms and Conditions is to be read in conjunction with our Customer Terms and Mortgage Facility Terms (collectively, "Other Terms"). If there is any inconsistency between the Other Terms and these terms, these terms prevail only to the extent of such inconsistency.

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