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Supportive Measures

Supportive measures to tide you over this stressful period

Credit Card and Unsecured Loans Relief Schemes

We understand this can be a stressful time for everyone and we want to help our clients alleviate some financial burden in the short term, if they need it during this period. The following relief measures are for our impacted clients upon request.

  • Relief measures for retail clients

    • We offer impacted clients the option to convert their Credit Card or Personal Credit Line outstanding balances into a low-cost term loan to help reduce their debt burden.


      Click here to find out more and apply

    • We are offering existing clients with a DCP loan the option to extend their loan tenure for up to 5 years.

      Click here to find out more and apply

      • S$50 fee waiver for CashOne loan extension up to maximum 5 years.
      • Waivers of late payment fee and late interest charges for Credit Card and Credit Card Funds Transfer (Only valid from 13 February to 31 July 2020).
      • Reduced fee from 5% to 2% (of the bill amount) on EasyPay instalment plan for hospital & medical charges. Subject to a minimum of S$500 per transaction.

      Click here to find out more

Mortgage Payment Relief Schemes

To support our existing mortgage clients who are impacted by the recent COVID-19 situation, we will be offering some relief measures for clients who may be having difficulties managing their mortgage repayments.

  • Extended Support Scheme for retail clients

    • The application for the mortgage Reduced Instalment Scheme will start on 9 November 2020. Under this scheme, you can repay 60% of your monthly instalment. The reduced instalment must at least cover your full monthly interest.


      Click here to apply. To learn more, visit our  FAQs.

Auto Financing Relief Scheme

We offer the following supportive measures for Auto Financing clients during this period.

  • Relief measures for retail clients

    • You can apply for a deferment of up to 3 months of monthly instalments. There will be no additional interest accrued on the loan and your loan tenure will be extended by the number of months deferred. Click here to apply.

    • *Note: Your application for the scheme is subject to the Bank’s approval. This scheme is available to clients who fulfil the below criteria:

      • income loss of at least 25% or loss of employment due to Covid-19 (income impact is also accepted for guarantors)
      • Auto Financing loans are current (not overdue or in arrears)
      • at least 1 month’s validity on their Certificate of Entitlement (COE) at the end of the extended loan tenure.

      Visit our FAQs to find out more.