Terms and Conditions

Summary of e$aver Bonus Interest (1 Dec 2016 to 31 Jan 2017) Promotion Terms and Conditions

This e$aver Bonus Interest (1 December 2016 to 31 January 2017) Promotion (“Promotion”) is available for all e$aver, e$aver Kids! and World Partner Savings account(s) (“Qualifying Account(s)”) opened with Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited (the “Bank”). In addition to prevailing interest (“Prevailing Interest”) earned on your entire deposit balance in the Qualifying Account (“Deposit Balance”), you may earn bonus interest of 1.15% p.a. (“Bonus Interest”) on your eligible Incremental Balance (as defined below) if you deposit fresh funds* such that the Average Daily Balance (“ADB”) in the Qualifying Account for any calendar month during the Promotion Period is higher than the ADB for November 2016 (“Comparison Month”). In this scenario, you will earn Bonus Interest on the difference between the ADBs (“Incremental Balance”). If the Incremental Balance in the same scenario is equal to or lower than the Comparison Month, you will only earn Prevailing Interest on the Deposit Balance. Incremental Balance eligible for Bonus Interest is capped at S$1,000,000 per Qualifying Account. When the Promotion Period ends, you will continue to earn Prevailing Interest. Terms and conditions apply. Click here for full terms and conditions.

* "Fresh funds” means funds that do not originate from any existing account with the Bank or funds that are not withdrawn and re-deposited within 30 days of the Promotion Period.

1Summary of Priority Banking Q4’16 Sign-Up Promotion Terms and Conditions

Priority Banking Q4’16 Sign-Up Promotion is available until 31 Dec’16. To qualify, you need to be a new to bank customer and during the promotion period (i.e. before 31 Dec’16): (A) open and have at least one SGD Current/Cheque/Savings account, (B) start a Priority Banking relationship and place minimum S$200,000 (or foreign currency equivalent) of Fresh Funds in the form of Eligible Deposits and/or Eligible Investments, plus (C) maintain at least S$200,000 of assets under management for at least 6 months. When computing eligibility, the Bank will take into account only 50% of the value of Fresh Funds in the respective accounts for Time deposits, Bonus$aver deposits and E$aver deposits. Reward will be in the form of credit to one of your SGD Current/Cheque/Savings account(s), as determined by the Bank. Reward is forfeited if you fail to maintain at least one SGD Current/Cheque/Savings account. Exclusions and other conditions apply. Please refer to the full version of Priority Banking Q4’16 Sign-Up Promotion Terms and Conditions.

Deposit Insurance Scheme
Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to S$50,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured.