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These web pages form our 2009 Sustainability Review. For a second year we have not produced a printed review. This is in line with our paper usage targets but also, we believe, enhances the experience for users.

This Review reports our activity and commitments, targets and progress across a number of key areas that we regard as most relevant and material to our business. It should be viewed in parallel with the Annual Report and Accounts, which reports on our business performance, risk management and corporate governance, as well as offering more detail around our strategic priorities.

We seek to cover issues that are most relevant and material to the Bank and to our stakeholders through a clear strategy and regular, meaningful stakeholder engagement.

We have reported on our environmental performance since 2001 and our social performance since 2004 when we published our first Corporate Responsibility Report. This is our fourth Sustainability Review, reporting on our integrated strategy.

All data and commentary in this Review is accurate as at 31 December 2009 and applies to our global business unless otherwise stated.

We use the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to guide our reporting. We include a GRI index and also United Nations Global Compact Index to highlight where our activity relates to relevant indicators.

Should you wish to print or download this material, please use the download centre to customise your print-offs to your requirements.


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