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Talent attraction and engagement

Our distinctive brand helps us attract the most talented people across our footprint in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Between 2004 and 2010, we more than doubled the number of people we employ to around 85,000 – through both organic growth and acquisitions. We employ close to 20,000 people in India and over 15,000 people across Greater China, some 41 per cent of our total workforce.

Our commitment to individual employee development is one of our strengths. We provide a wide range of career opportunities to suit different needs, such as:

  • An international graduate programme for graduates from leading universities
  • International work opportunities for those who wish to gain cross-border, cross-cultural experience
  • A targeted talent exchange programme, for example between Africa and China

Our commitment to being Here for good sets us apart as an employer. People who share our values, our passion and our commitment to being a force for good are those who find working for us most rewarding.

Employee engagement

To us, employee engagement is about much more than employee satisfaction. It means that every employee has a strong connection to their work, their manager and team, and to Standard Chartered. It means every employee feels compelled to work in accordance with our high standards. We believe this high level of employee engagement is important for individuals to achieve high levels of productivity and performance.

Our annual Q12 Employee Engagement Survey measures our progress in engaging our people. In 2010, we had a record 96 per cent participation rate, with many of our markets, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand, reaching 99 per cent. This reflects the strong commitment of our employees to voicing their opinions, and demonstrates their trust in the process.

Our overall engagement score increased from 4.03 to 4.21 on a scale of 1 to 5. The majority of our markets saw similar increases. As a leading indicator of performance, these results suggest that more of our employees are strongly committed to working for us, which will help us retain talent to support growth in our business. In 2010, our retention rate for engaged employees exceeded 90 per cent.

Employee engagement is embedded into our business strategy. In 2010, as part of the transformation of our Consumer Banking business, 40,000 of our employees took part in Here for Customers, a series of workshops on our Here for good brand promise and what this means to the way we serve our customers. During the workshops, employees had the opportunity to provide personal suggestions, which were heard and addressed by our senior leaders. Steve Bertamini, Group Executive Director and Chief Executive Consumer Banking, stated that this was one of the initiatives that “generated the most commitment” among his employees in 2010. Engagement scores within our Consumer Banking business reached their highest level yet of 4.24.

Annual Report and Accounts 2010