Our approach

Our ability to create value for our shareholders is linked intrinsically to the health and prosperity of the communities in which we operate. We are determined to use our business model to contribute more broadly to society. Our three key priorities remain unchanged: to contribute to the real economy, to promote sustainable finance and to lead the way in communities.

Contributing to the real economy

We are committed to promoting sustainable economic growth through efficient and responsible finance. Focusing on what our customers need and treating them fairly at all times is a key part of that commitment. We are also determined to prevent our products and services from being used for criminal financing activity.

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Promoting sustainable finance

We take care to minimise any negative impact of our financing decisions on communities and the environment. Our position statements set out our approach to key sensitive industries and issues. Working with our clients, we encourage compliance with international standards. We train our employees in order to deepen their understanding of sustainable finance. We also continue to seize opportunities in the renewable energy and clean technology sector.

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Leading the way in communities

We aim to have a positive impact on communities, whether by creating a great place to work, minimising our environmental footprint or investing in community programmes that make a real difference. Employee volunteering is at the heart of this commitment – we offer each employee three days of paid volunteering leave annually.

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From the Group Chief Executive

In 2011, in what continued to be a challenging and changeable global environment, we stood firm in our determination to create long term value for society.

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The Sustainability Review 2011 highlights are available to download as a PDF in eight languages.

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