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Data and trends

Our commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2006 was to provide $500 million in credit and financial services to the MFI sector over five years. In two and a half years we have provided $385 million of credit and financial instruments to 52 MFI partners in 14 countries, and provided banking services to MFIs and investors in 22 countries.

We have provided loans to MFIs in the following 14 countries:


Sierra Leone

South Africa

In Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Gambia, Sri Lanka, UK, Europe and the US we support microfinance investors and institutions through the provision of banking services.

Our goals and achievements in 2008
Our goals for 2008 Status What we have done Our priorities in 2009
To formalise a training and technical assessment strategy and build partnerships with microfinance experts and technical assistance providers to facilitate training and thought leadership tick
Hosted technical assistance workshops and conferences in India, Zambia, Nigeria and Nepal to facilitate knowledge transfer and best practice sharing for MFIs
  • Continue to deliver against our Clinton Global Initiative to establish a $500 million microfinance facility by 2011
  • Implement the technical assistance strategy for the microfinance sector
  • Establish greater momentum on the capital markets, delivering on deals for which we have secured mandates
  • Deepening relationships and offering more products to existing clients
  • Commence Islamic banking operations in Bahrain
To expand our microfinance initiatives into new markets, including China, the Philippines and Nigeria tick
Developed relationships with MFIs in new markets such as Jordan, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, the Gambia and China
To expand our geographical reach of Islamic banking products where we see demand tick
We have expanded our Wholesale Banking product suite in Indonesia through Permata Bank

We have also launched Islamic options product to meet the needs of our customers
Data 2005 2006 2007 2008
Loans extended to microfinance institutions $24m $70m $170m $385m
Average loan size to microfinance institutions $1m $2m $4m $7m
Number of individuals impacted 250,000 600,000 1.2m 2.6m
Number of microfinance institution partners 21 35 41 52