Community investment


Avoidable blindness, HIV and AIDS, and malaria have a significant impact on the economic and social fabric of the communities where we do business. We have chosen to focus on programmes that tackle these challenges as they are some of the most pressing issues in our markets and we can make a difference. Over 75 per cent of all blindness is avoidable, many people still lack accurate information on how to avoid exposure to HIV and AIDS, and simple measures can protect people against malaria.

We believe we can make the greatest impact through raising awareness in our markets and making a tangible difference to those most vulnerable. Our approach is to maximise the impact of our investment, both through the issues we choose to address and by using our core business skills to enable wider involvement. Our employees feel proud to be engaged in these programmes.

We also work to promote gender equality to help communities realise the potential of all their members. Societies in which women have traditionally been discouraged or prevented from taking an active role are often associated with low economic growth.

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  • 2 millionpeople’s vision restored
  • 1 millionmosquito nets distributed in 15 countries
  • 150 per centincrease in number of HIV Champions