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Living with HIV ‘Train the Trainer workshop’

Over $2m donated for earthquake reconstruction

In August 2008, Standard Chartered conducted ‘Train the Trainer’ training for our South American region covering seven countries. This was set up to coincide with AIESEC’s 2008 International Congress and 60th anniversary celebrations, where 600 AIESEC students from 100 countries gathered in Brazil with the event themed around ”Responsible for Sustainable Future“. Newly trained HIV Champions conducted a practical one and half hour workshop to a group of 30 AIESEC students, covering the five key areas at the heart of our HIV education programme.


Many of the students were already involved in HIV education with Standard Chartered in their own countries, and this was reflected in the high level of knowledge demonstrated in the pre-workshop quiz, although knowledge levels increased for everyone after the session. The workshop gave an opportunity to discuss many issues surrounding HIV, supporting our advocacy that face-to-face education provides a friendly, non-threatening environment to discuss challenging topics and will more likely encourage behaviour change than online education alone.


Volunteering and improving eye-care services in Dhaka

Eye hospital sees benefits of volunteers

Standard Chartered volunteers saved Islamia Eye Hospital in Dhaka thousands of dollars, using their core skills to advise on an upgrade of their information technology systems. Other Standard Chartered employees spent a day volunteering by assisting doctors, answering patients’ queries and accompanying them to and from the hospital.

The hospital is one of four in the Bangladeshi capital to benefit from a five-year partnership with Seeing is Believing. The partnership will fund corrective surgeries, along with improved training for hospital staff and better eye-care support services for over 270,000 visually impaired people in the city. Dhaka is one of 20 cities across the world to receive support as part of A New Vision.


Sichuan signing ceremony

Over $2m donated for earthquake reconstruction

Standard Chartered committed over $3 million towards reconstruction efforts following the devastating Sichuan earthquake in China, which claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people, and left hundreds of thousands homeless.

In addition, the Bank set up a relief fund for donations from our employees in China, and in keeping with the Standard Chartered spirit, many employees from around the world also wanted to help. A number of markets, including Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK also set up accounts for employee donations.