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Our goals and achievements in 2008
Our goals for 2008 Status What we have done Our priorities in 2009
Launch Seeing is Believing – A New Vision (Phase IV) tick
Committed to invest $20 million to provide sustainable eye-care services for 20 million people in deprived communities in 20 cities where we are present
  • Achieve our fundraising and reach targets for Seeing is Believing – A New Vision
  • Make significant progress towards achieving our target to educate one million people about HIV and AIDS
  • Increase employee volunteering measured by employee time
  • Continue to meet our commitment to invest 0.75 per cent of the previous year’s pre-tax operating profit in community programmes
Roll out a reward programme for employee volunteering in more countries tick
Reward programme rolled out to seven countries
Implement Disaster Response guidelines tick
Our guidelines help us determine the right level of response from immediate relief to working with partners on long-term reconstruction efforts.
We committed over $3 million to reconstruction work following the Sichuan earthquake in China, and worked with NGOs to fund immediate relief in Mynamar and India
HIV Champions to grow by 100 per cent to 700 tick
The number of HIV Champions rose by more than 150 per cent from 350 to 850 across 50 countries
Implement Living with HIV Clinton Global Initiative commitment Ongoing
Received commitments from external organisations to educate 400,000 people
Commence measurement of community programme outputs and impacts Ongoing
Key performance measures in place for global and regional programmes


The Bank’s community investment for 2006-2008 is shown below. We use the London Benchmarking Group model, a comprehensive and consistent set of guidelines to classify, measure and benchmark our community contribution, including cash, employee time, fundraising and in-kind donations, as well as management costs.

The Bank’s increase in reported cash investment in 2008 results from some existing programmes having acquired a new community or charitable component, thereby becoming eligible to be classed as community investment for the first time; funding of extraordinary events, such as the Sichuan earthquake reconstruction efforts; and improved reporting. Contributing to our overall investment, there has been a significant increase in employee volunteering time and in 2008 we have captured employee fundraising for the first time.

Measure 2006 2007 2008
Cash contributions $14.2m $18.2m $30.4m
Employee volunteering and time $4.0m $2.8m $7.2m
Gifts-in-kind $0.08m $0.0m $1.0m
Management costs $2.8m $3.4m $4.8m
Leverage (funds raised)     $5.1m
Total $21.2m $24.5m $48.5m
Profit before taxation $3,178m $4,035m $4,570m
Percentage of same year’s operating profit 0.67% 0.61% 1.06%
Per cent based on previous year’s operating profit (PYOP) 0.79% 0.77% 1.20%

Cash contributions

Cash Contributions

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Profit before taxation

Profit Before Taxation

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