Community investment

Employee volunteering

Employees want to contribute to their communities and we encourage volunteering to forge stronger relationships between Standard Chartered and the communities we operate in.

Volunteering gives employees the opportunity to use their skills to make a unique contribution to the organisations and causes they support. It also allows them to develop and learn new skills. Under the Bank’s Employee Volunteering programme, we provide employees with an extra two days paid leave a year to volunteer on projects aligned with our community and environmental programmes. The number of employees volunteering continues to climb, totalling more than 23,000 days in 2008, an increase from 11,000 in 2007.

Country initiatives

In 2008, we ran an award scheme for countries with the highest volunteering rates. A small number of nominated employees per winning country were rewarded with an additional five days paid volunteering leave. Employees in seven countries were rewarded, including Jordan, Malaysia and Uganda, by visiting our community projects in India. Whilst this incentive has proved a great way to recognise staff in countries doing the most to promote employee volunteering, its reach is relatively small. In 2009, we intend to develop a new approach to reach a larger number of employees.

View the 2009 Community Investment Summary presentation


  • 2 millionpeople’s vision restored
  • 1 millionmosquito nets distributed in 14 countries
  • 150 per centincrease in number of HIV Champions
  • 23,000days volunteered by employees in 2008