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Living with HIV

AIDS remains a global killer with no cure or vaccine. Over 34 million people are living with HIV, with 7,400 new infections each day1; 15-24-year-olds count for 40% of all new HIV infections.

This pandemic has a devastating impact on many communities where we do business. The virus cannot be cured, and greater access to treatment can only be sustained if there is substantial progress in reducing the rate of HIV infections 2. Education is a key component of prevention strategies.

The Bank’s Living with HIV programme aims to reduce the spread of this virus by promoting behavioural change through education, to help protect not only our employees, but the one million people we will educate through this programme.

HIV Champions

We have a network of employee volunteers that we call HIV Champions. They work to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS in the Bank and with external organisations.

HIV Champions deliver face-to-face workshops supplemented by a range of HIV education materials that cover the basic facts about the virus and are easily adapted to suit the needs of different audiences and cultures. Our HIV Champions work with external organisations to help them develop a tailored workplace HIV education programme and train volunteers inside the organisations to be peer educators.

All our HIV Champions received refresher training in 2008 and regional ‘train the trainer’ refresher sessions were held in Asia and South America.

Living with HIV ‘Train the Trainer workshop’

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In August 2008, Standard Chartered conducted ‘Train the Trainer’ training for our South American region covering seven countries. This was set up to coincide with AIESEC’s 2008 International Congress and 60th anniversary celebrations, where 600 AIESEC students from 100 countries gathered in Brazil with the event themed around ”Responsible for Sustainable Future“. Newly trained HIV Champions conducted a practical one and half hour workshop to a group of 30 AIESEC students, covering the five key areas at the heart of our HIV education programme.


Many of the students were already involved in HIV education with Standard Chartered in their own countries, and this was reflected in the high level of knowledge demonstrated in the pre-workshop quiz, although knowledge levels increased for everyone after the session. The workshop gave an opportunity to discuss many issues surrounding HIV, supporting our advocacy that face-to-face education provides a friendly, non-threatening environment to discuss challenging topics and will more likely encourage behaviour change than online education alone.


Clinton Global Initiative

We are on track to meet our Clinton Global Initiative commitment to educate one million people about HIV and AIDS by 2010. In 2008, we more than doubled our network of HIV Champions to 1,000 across 50 countries. Our target is to train 7,000 peer educators in other companies who will go on to educate 150 people each. So far, we have trained over 4,000 peer educators. By the end of 2008 we had commitments from organisations to educate over 400,000 of their people.

As issues such as the economic crisis and climate change move up political agendas, we need to maintain awareness of the threat posed by HIV and AIDS. We have put renewed focus on raising awareness among partner organisations, especially targeting vulnerable age groups (such as 15-24-year-olds in schools and universities)3 and participating in international, regional and national AIDS conferences. Our Group chief executive officer, Peter Sands, is on the executive board of the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and we participate in many country coalitions.

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15-24-year-olds count for 45% of all new infections – See UNAIDS, 2008 Report on the global AIDS epidemic – Executive summary, p.13.

Achievements from around the Group

Our achievements in the fight against HIV and AIDS in 2008:

  • In Cote d’Ivoire, our HIV Champions educated 10,000 students on HIV and AIDS
  • Standard Chartered India worked with small businesses to educate over 200 long-distance lorry drivers and their families, traditionally a high-risk category
  • Our employees in Nigeria, led by the country Chief executive officer, visited a Lagos clinic for pregnant women with HIV to increase awareness about the virus
  • In Singapore, the Bank provided free HIV testing coupons to 1,000 readers of a popular monthly women’s magazine
  • In Sri Lanka, our Chief executive officer initiated the country’s Business Coalition on HIV and AIDS and arranged for three local celebrities to participate in an HIV and AIDS awareness campaign for World AIDS Day
  • Across many of our markets including Thailand, Malaysia and Dubai, we used ATM machines to communicate information on local HIV and AIDS testing centres and ‘know your status’ messages

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