Community investment

Goal empowers girls on and off the playing field

Women’s empowerment

In many parts of the developing world women lack the opportunities and role models to take control of their lives and contribute to society. Empowering women is part of our strategy for improving social and economic development in our markets.


Goal aims to empower young women for personal and economic development. The programme is running in underprivileged areas of India, where the government has identified improving gender equality as a priority, and has recently launched in Nigeria.

It uses a combination of sport (in India, netball) and life skills education - communication, health and hygiene, and financial literacy - to give girls the opportunity to create better futures for themselves and their families.

By the end of 2009, over 1,600 girls had taken part in the programme in Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. We've also reached an additional 75,000 family and community members to change attitudes and raise awareness about the issues girls face. Our staff also join in, volunteering to plan events, write curriculum activities, conduct measurement surveys, and deliver education to the girls.

In 2009, 36 young women who completed the Goal programme in India were trained to be 'Goal Champions', continuing the empowerment process and helping to secure the long-term sustainability of the project by delivering Goal to new participants. We've piloted an economic empowerment scheme for our Goal Champions in Delhi, using our staff's skills and expertise to train local NGOs to deliver a revolving loan fund to the girls, enabling them to achieve educational and professional aspirations.

Goal is a multistakeholder programme implemented with the help of the Naz India Trust Foundation, Youth Empowerment Foundation, the Population Council, the International Federation of Netball Associations, and various local community nonprofit organisations. Standard Chartered plans to expand Goal to additional markets in 2010, aiming to reach 100,000 girls over four years.

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  • Over1,600girls taken part in Goal
  • 75,000families and community members reached through Goal awareness-raising events
  • 36young women trained to be Goal Champions