Protecting the environment

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Singapore Changi Business Park

Built to high environmental standards

Our new flagship offices under construction at Changi Business Park, Singapore, have been recommended for the ‘Greenmark Platinum’ award by the Building Construction Authority of Singapore – the highest environmental award available in the country.

We have specified that this building must focus on energy conservation, and anticipate energy use will be 35 per cent less than standard Singapore offices. Solar panels will provide enough electricity for when the building is ‘dormant’.

They will also power an ultra-efficient, automatic drip-feed irrigation system. A host of water-saving initiatives, including recycling waste water and collecting rainwater, will result in considerable water savings. A dedicated waste chute will promote recycling of various types of waste, while extensive green areas and gardens will feature a host of native endangered species thanks to a partnership with Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI).

India Environment Committee

Celebrates World Environment Day

Environment action in India ranged from high-profile activities on World Environment Day to participation in ‘Break the Climate Deadlock’ meetings led by the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Neeraj Swaroop, Chief executive officer India, spoke at the launch of the India Carbon Disclosure Project report in December 2008, describing how financial institutions can help support the shift to a low-carbon economy.

Employees from offices and branches all over the country were involved in World Environment Day events. Activities included a ‘walk to work’ day, employee volunteering to clean beaches, a ‘zero waste’ day, a ‘switch-off’ and ‘leave your car at home’ campaign, and an environment-themed drawing competition for employees’ children. The extent of our commitment to the environment was acknowledged by Dr R K Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The India Environment Committee is led by Hemant Mishr, head of sales, South Asia, Financial Markets, and supported by staff members from across the business functions. The committee is pursuing a comprehensive plan to address the impacts of our operations, engagement and innovative environment financing opportunities.

For example, payslips have been migrated to the Bank-wide online system, saving more than 330,000 sheets of paper a year. Similarly, retirement benefits have been switched to a secure email system.

The IT team in India has dramatically reduced its energy use through data centre optimisation and the use of more efficient equipment. Server virtualisation is expected to reduce energy demand by up to 80 per cent and avoid the need for an additional 77 servers.

Race for a Living Planet

3.5m environmental pledges for the Race for a Living Planet

More than 15,000 employees and 500,000 other people took part in the Greatest Race on Earth: Race for a Living Planet environment challenge. They generated 3.5 million pledges and Standard Chartered donated $1 million to environmental projects in three winning countries.

The event tied in with the annual Standard Chartered marathon series and was organised in partnership with WWF. Standard Chartered staff, customers, clients and others pledged to make changes to their lives that would help protect the environment. The competition raised awareness of global environmental issues and how small changes to daily habits can make a difference.

Prize money went to WWF environment projects in the three markets that generated the most pledges per capita: Brunei, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Brunei contributed the money to the Heart of Borneo project, which is rehabilitating peatland forests and carrying out biological diversity surveys in key zones to help protect species.

Taiwan donated the money to WWF’s Coral Triangle Project, protecting an area of immense marine diversity containing more than a third of the world’s coral reef. Taiwan’s involvement with the Coral Triangle led to the Bank and WWF making a presentation on the value of public/private partnerships at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Roundtable on Marine Conservation.

The Hong Kong donation also went towards a marine conservation project, including funding for a documentary series for Chinese television and the launch of a website and online learning module.