Great place to work

Employee engagement

Continuing to build employee engagement remains one of the Group’s key priorities, particularly during challenging and uncertain times for the financial services industry. We have measured employee engagement for the last eight years, with a consistently high employee participation rate of 95 per cent. Analysis conducted in the Group’s three largest markets in 2008 demonstrates that highly engaged employees are more productive in their roles, with a clear link to increased business performance. We focus on supporting managers to build and maintain individual and team performance through high engagement.

Engagement and retention

Engaging employees is crucial to retaining talent and while our annual survey shows excellent progress, we continue to invest in developing great managers who engage their teams. In 2008, we introduced a pilot to understand and address the root causes of employee turnover in the growth markets of India and the UAE. In India, employee attrition has reduced by seven per cent since the approach was introduced.

Our values

In 2002, we articulated our five values: Courageous, Responsive, International, Creative and Trustworthy. We are convinced that our values are a source of competitive advantage, helping us attract and retain customers and talented employees. In these turbulent times for our industry, they are a compass, guiding our employees in the way they act and behave.

In 2008, the Bank launched a programme of activities to bring the values to life for our employees all over the world. Initially 250 employees in ten markets participated in refreshing the way we define the values and the behaviours that describe them in more detail. ‘Blue and Green’ week featured a range of imaginative and entertaining activities across the Bank to bring the values to life and build greater understanding about what they mean. We also updated our induction programme for new employees and held workshops to help managers have discussions about the values with their people.

Integrating employees

AEB employees welcomed into Standard Chartered

Integrating employees from American Express Bank (AEB) was a priority after its acquisition by Standard Chartered in 2008.

In Taiwan, Synergy Workshops were organised for AEB and Standard Chartered employees to celebrate the histories and successes of both organisations. Through the use of visual scrolls, depicting the key milestones of the two banks before the integration and, then discussing the current market positioning, the participants gained a consensus and committed to work together as a team toward the vision of the Bank.

The employees also took part in a number of activities, which highlighted the culture and values of Standard Chartered, and it provided an opportunity to network and to share best practice.


  • 73,800members of staff
  • 125nationalities represented across the Bank
  • Over 9,900managers attended the Great Manager Programme
  • 56Diversity and inclusion champions across the markets