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Health and safety

The health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance and we are vigilant in addressing workplace health, safety and environmental risks. We also work to protect employees outside the office including, for example, personal security and health.

Our Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) Standards set out the minimum requirements to ensure a safe working environment. Site audits and inspections are conducted periodically to ensure the standards are maintained and risks controlled. Through case studies and practical risk assessment exercises, regular training ensures HS&E co-ordinators have a thorough understanding of evolving health and safety risks.

In 2008, we launched a centralised incident reporting system which records and analyses accidents to improve our understanding of how we can prevent their reoccurrence. We also launched an online induction course on workplace HS&E which is mandatory for all new employees.


As part of our Group-wide HIV and AIDS policy, we are committed to educating employees about HIV and AIDS and have pledged to educate one million people by 2010. All new employees are required to complete an online module on HIV and AIDS within three months of joining the Bank. Our network of employee volunteer HIV Champions provide face-to-face peer education sessions as part of induction programmes for all new joiners. This is an award-winning programme which earned us recognition as a world leader in HIV education by UNAIDS in 2008. As part of our commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative to educate one million people on HIV and AIDS by 2010, we are freely sharing this with organisations.

We encourage our employees to attend voluntary counselling and testing for HIV and we operate a non-disclosure policy. Where testing is not free, the Bank covers the costs of these services, as well as the costs of subsequent treatment in the event of testing positive for our staff and their dependents.


  • 73,800members of staff
  • 125nationalities represented across the Bank
  • Over 9,900managers attended the Great Manager Programme
  • 56Diversity and inclusion champions across the markets