Our approach to sustainability


These web pages (excluding any content on the ‘News’ tabs) form our 2008 Sustainability Review. They report our activity and commitments, targets and progress under each of our seven sustainability priorities.

We have sought to cover issues that are most relevant and important to the Bank and to stakeholders, based on our sustainability strategy and engagement (PDF) with stakeholders.

We have been reporting on our environmental performance since 2001 and our social performance since 2004 when we published our first Corporate Responsibility Report. This is our third Sustainability Review, reporting on our integrated strategy.

We use the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to guide our reporting. We include a GRI index and also United Nations Global Compact Index to highlight where our activity relates to relevant indicators.

You can download a PDF version of the Sustainability Review 2008 or you can use the flexible printing facility to print the sections or pages that interest you.

Financial Highlights

Operating income


  • +26% / 2007: $11,067m
  • 2006: $8,620m

Operating profit


  • +13% / 2007: $4,035m
  • 2006: $3,178m

Total assets*


  • +32% / 2007: $330bn
  • 2006: $266bn

Non-financial Highlights



  • 2007: 70,000
  • 2006: 59,000

Countries and territories


  • 2007: 57
  • 2006: 56



  • 2007: 115
  • 2006: 105
Restated as explained on p.183 of the 2008 Annual Report.


  • $3.2bnValue of renewable energy and clean technology projects financed since 2007
  • $385mCredit extended to partner microfinance institutions
  • 2m peopleEyesights restored thanks to Seeing is Believing