Consumer Rights

Consumer Rights Products Person and process
1. The right to receive correct information
Consumer must be clearly informed about the differences between core banking products/services and investment products, bancassurance products
Bank should provided with detailed information on product features, associated risks, terms and conditions, return ,such as, APR (Annual Percentage Rate) or IRR (Internal Rate of Return), and related assumptions
Consumer must receive accurate and appropriate advertisement and marketing materials on any promotion campaigns
Consumer must get fact sheet which provides both investment and insurance products features and associated risks in brief and simple language in pattern specified by SEC and OIC to support purchasing decision
Consumer must obtain sufficient information / documents for making decision regarding of services / Banking products
2. The right to choose financial products and services freely  
Consumer has the right to make investment decision freely and is able to deny services / Banking products including of investment products or insurance products being offered
Consumer has the right to deny investment or insurance products that are bundled with core banking products and the bank must allow customer to buy or not to buy those products freely
Consumer has the right to consent or deny the revealing of confidential information in the consent form that is separated from product application/transaction form
3. The right to complaint for justice  
Consumer has the right to complaint at SCBT branches and must receive evidence from the bank to confirm that the bank has received the complaint or contact SCBT call center 1595 or
Consumer can ask for more information about investment and insurance products from licensed sale staff at every SCBT branch
4. The right to get compensation when any loss incurred  
Consumer has the right to get the appropriate compensation from proven case that the bank doesn’t follow prudent sales process, intends to, or is careless and causes damage & loss to consumer