MortgageOne allows you to make withdrawal from your prepayment anytime.

Benefits of MortgageOne*

Mortgage Money

Make your financing work for you. MortgageOne allows you to draw on funds from your salary, current or other bank accounts account and leverage them in your MortgageOne account in order to lower your mortgage interest payments.

Finance your accounts


Pay a little extra on your scheduled repayments to reduce the principle and save on interest fees

You can repay up to 50% of the remaining principle on your home loan without any penalty. Any amount you over pay will go towards reducing the principle, which means you pay less interest and own your own home much faster.

mortgage atm

Withdraw your extra repayments 24/7 through an ATM without incurring additional fees

In case of emergency, you can withdraw your extra payments 24/7 through any ATM featuring the atm Pool or PLUS symbols without incurring extra fees.

Mortgage Home

Own your home faster with discounts on interest and principle

Manage your savings and cash flow through a single mortgage account while reducing your interest payment and principle. Any extra payments you make can be withdrawn in an emergency without the need to ask for permission.

Difference Between a Normal Mortgage and MortgageOne*

Benefits Normal Mortgage MortgageOne
Withdraw extra repayments cross tick
Utilise your money effectively cross tick
Own your home faster cross tick

* Note:

  1. A customer can repay both principle and interest more than the stated amount, but not more than 50% of the remaining principle as recorded in the monthly statement. The excess amount can be withdrawn according to the bank's policy.
  2. The extra repayment will go towards reducing the remaining principle. When withdrawals are made the principle will return proportionately to the amount withdrawn.
  3. In the case of repayment of over 50% of the remaining principle, the amount which is in excess of 50% of the remaining principle will be deducted from the loan principle permanently.
  4. When the early payment fills the account until the remaining principle reaches 0, the MortgageOne account is finished. The customer will be notified and the extra payment returned to the customer.
  5. Interest rate Minimum Housing Rate (MHR) following the bank's announcement on 4 May 2016 = 7.04% per annum. This interest rate used for calculating the reference tables below.
  6. Fees and charges are according to the Bank Announcements.

Example of Interest Calculation: Comparison Between a Normal Mortgage and MortgageOne

Start with THB 3,000,000 principle over a 30-month tenure and the customer pays THB 5,000 extra over the monthly repayment for 172 months.

Normal Mortgage Mortgage One Savings
Total Interest Pay 3,668,532 1,909,991 Savings interests
Tenure (Month) 360 221 Savings time


  • Normal mortgage interest was calculated at a fixed rate of 1.99% for one year, after which interest was calculated at MHR - 0.5% or 6.54% per annum.
  • MortgageOne interest calculation was calculated at MHR - 2.00% or 5.04% for years 1-3. Afterwards the interest was calculated at MHR - 0.5% or 6.54% per annum.
  • Interest rate can change according to the latest Bank Announcements and the displayed numbers are only estimated.

Calculate your own MortgageOne here.

Terms and Conditions for Online Banking Channel for MortgageOne

For the convenience of our MortgageOne's customers in accessing various banking services that Standard Chartered Bank (Thai) Public Company Limited ("Bank") has offered under MortgageOne product, the Bank has enabled online banking channel for MortgageOne's customers ("Borrower"), as such the Borrower is able to access the Bank's online banking channel for the following purposes/services.

(1) Balance enquiry and other enquiries as determined by the Bank;
(2) Withdrawal of Excess Amount*; and
(3) Other banking services as determined by the Bank (if any).

To access the Bank's online banking channel under (1), (2), and/or (3) above, the Borrower shall be required to register for online banking channel usage under method and terms and conditions as determined by the Bank. In the event of withdrawal of Excess Amount through online banking channel, it shall be deemed that that the Borrower has agreed and bound by the terms and conditions as follows:

(A) The evidence of online banking channel usage for the withdrawal of Excess Amount through online banking channel shall be the evidence of receipt of money received each time and shall be deemed as the evidence of debt for every utilization after prepayment and it shall be deemed that the Borrower have received the drawdown amount as from the date on which such amount has utilized by the Borrower according to such method, and this shall be considered as borrowing within the original credit limit throughout the term of the loan agreement.
(B) In the event of having more than 1 Borrower, no Borrower shall have the right to use the online banking channel for any enquiries for MortgageOne, including withdrawal of Excess Amount, unless otherwise as determined by the Bank.
(C) The Bank has the right to impose respective service fees pertaining to the use of online banking channel according to the rate as determined by the Bank.

The foregoing terms and conditions shall be an integral part of the loan agreement of MortgageOne. Where these terms and conditions are made in both Thai and English languages and there is any discrepancy and inconsistency, the Thai version shall prevail for the interpretation.

* Excess Amount shall have the same meaning as prescribed the MortgageOne loan agreement (i.e. the excess amount pre-payable as stated in the monthly Mortgage One loan statement, equivalent to not more than 50% of the remaining principle as recorded in the monthly statement)

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