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Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee
Description A bank guarantee is a guarantee made by the Bank on behalf of a customer (usually an established corporate customer) should it fail to settle a dept to a third party who is the beneficiary.
Various Types of Bank Guarantee
  • Bank Guarantee for the purpose of bidding
  • Bank Guarantee for the purpose of fulfilling the agreement
  • Bank Guarantee for the purpose of purchasing goods on credit basis
  • Bank Guarantee for the purpose of borrowing
  • Bank Guarantee for other purposes
Commission Charges The rate of 2-2.5% per annum or at the minimum of 1,500 baht (The period is per year or the minimum of 3 months).
Terms and Conditions The client has to submit Guarantee Application Form to the Bank. (This service is only provided to the juristic persons which have credit facility with the bank).
Document Required
  • Application form for Bank Guarantee.
  • All pertinent contracts to be used as support for the Bank Guarantee.

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