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Online Banking Security

To ensure the highest security for your Online Banking experience, we would like to offer 7 tips. Beside the below tips, we would like to offer more information about computer security.

Username and Password security:

A good Username or Password should contain a combination of upper, lower case alphabet and numbers. Easy-to-guess Password such as birthday, name, or sequential alphanumeric should not be used. In addition, Username and Password should not be the same. The password should be changed frequently or at least every 3 months.

If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is:

Don't be conned by convincing emails offering you the chance to make some easy money. As with most things if it looks too good to be true, it probably is! Be cautious of unsolicited emails from overseas - it is much harder to prove legitimacy of the organisations behind the emails.

Standard Chartered Bank does not have policy to send emails with attached link asking you to update your information.

Do not access Online Banking via a link:

Always access Standard Chartered Bank's Internet banking by typing in the correct URL ( into your browser. Never click on a link in an email to take you to a website and enter personal details either in the email or website. In addition, you should check that you are in a secured/protected environment by ensuring that you are in https:// session or right-clicking on the respective web pages with the security icon that looks like a padlock or key. You would see the details of the encryption.

Install and update Antivirus and Spyware:

It is important to use up-to-date Anti-virus software and a personal firewall. If your computer uses Microsoft Windows operating system, it is important to keep it updated via the Windows Update feature, equally if you use another PC operating system or have an Apple Mac you should check regularly for updates. You should be vigilant if you use Internet cafes or a computer that is not your own and over which you have no control. In addition to being protected by using up-to-date antivirus software you should also regularly use software to remove Spyware from your computer, as these programs record information about your Internet use and transmit it without your permission. In some circumstances this can compromise your PC security.

Keep your identity private:

Your identity can be as easily stolen offline as it can online. It is important that you comply with instructions about destroying new PIN numbers and expired bank cards. You should also consider using a crosscut shredder to destroy unneeded bank and other statements that may contain sensitive personal information. It is advisable to store retained documents in a suitable locked and fireproof container.

Your Username, Password, eTAC (One Time Password) or Credit card number must be kept confidential at all times and should never be divulged to anyone.

Standard Chartered Bank does not have policy to send out email or calling customer asking for your username and password.

Always completely log off from your Internet banking session:

It is important to completely log off from your Internet banking session; simply closing the window you performed the transaction in may not close the banking session. If your computer is infected with a Trojan, you session may become hijacked by a criminal and financial transactions performed without your knowledge. It is also advisable to disconnect from the Internet if you are not planning to use it.

Check your statements regularly:

It is important to check your statements regularly; a quick check will help identify any erroneous or criminal transactions that might have been performed on your account without your knowledge.

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