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Verified by Visa & MasterCard SecureCode

Enjoy peace of mind when you shop online with 3D Secure service facilitated from VISA and MasterCard that lets you transact online safely using your Credit Card. As a Standard Chartered initiative, 3D Secure enables you to create a password and assign it to your Credit Card, increasing your protection against potential online fraud.

Registering your Card is easy and free, and only requires a one-time registration. Please note that all Standard Chartered Credit Cardholders are required to register their Standard Chartered Credit Cards in order to make online transactions.

Make your online payments secure with either of these options

Option 1 Option 2
1. Visit
2. Create a 3 D Secure password for your credit card account.
3. Your online transactions are now secure.
4. Use your password every time you make an online transaction

1. Fill your cart with item from your favorite shopping portal
2. Proceed for payment by entering your credit card details and click on ‘Buy’
3. Check for the verified by VISA & MasterCard Secure Code logos on the payment page
4. Verify your credit card details and create your own 3 D secure password
5. Proceed to complete your transaction.  

Your Standard Chartered Credit Card online transactions are now secure
Please note that your password should not be shared with anyone
Please use your 3D secure password every time you make an online transaction with your Standard Chartered Credit Card

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