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Customised benefits tailored to suit your unique individual needs.

As a Priority Banking customer you have the advantage of enjoying customised benefits that recognise your total relationship with us and have been tailored to suit your individual needs. And because we know they mean the world to you, some of these benefits also extend to your family.

Risk Disclosure Statement:
Investments involve risks. The price of the investment products may move up or down and may incur losses. It may become valueless and investors may not get back the amount they have invested.

Privileged pricing

As your financial partner, we offer privileged pricing on the product needs.

Privileges We Offer
1. Preferential TD Interest Rates - Receive better TD interest rates than normal customers
2. Priority & International Banking ATM (Visa Debit) - No annual fee
- Cash withdrawal up to 150,000 Baht per day from over 8,000 ATM machines available across the country
- Overseas ATM withdrawal fee waive at any ATM with VISA logo worldwide
3. Standard Chartered Credit Card - No annual fee for primary card and up to 4 supplementary cards as long as Priority Banking status is maintained
- Receive special international discount in Hongkong and Singapore as local Standard Chartered credit card customer
4. Cheque Book - First chequebook is free of charge for new customers only
- Bank fees for consecutive chequebook will be waived, only 3 Baht will be charged for duty stamps per cheque issued
5. Current and Saving account - Open current and normal saving account with no minimum deposit required
6. Cheque Return - Maximum fee waiver of up to 250 Baht
7. Cashier Cheque - Service charge waived
8. Gift Cheque - Service charge waived
9. Letter of Guarantee - Service charge waived
10. Auto Transfer Service between Current/Savings account (Sweep) - Service charge waived
11. Outward fund Transfer - Free international fund transfer between Standard Chartered Bank accounts worldwide when the fund transfer is in the same currency
12. OD facility - Special interest rates offered
- No processing fee charges
13. Safe Deposit Box Service - 60% discount on annual fees
14. Utility payment services such as water bills, electricity bills and telephone - Service charge waived
15. Minimum Account Maintenance - Service charge waived (Only current and normal saving account)
16. Reissue new Saving Passbook on Time Deposit receipt case of lost / stolen - Service charge waive
17. Foreign exchange discount at Travelex worldwide - For details, please study from http://www.travelex.com/rewardscard
18. Mortgage - Appraisal fee waived
- Legal outsource fee waived
Note: The Bank reserves the right to amend or cancel the Priority Banking privilege and services offered at any time without prior notice For details, please contact your Relationship Manager

Household Recognition And Family Benefits

We know your family is your greatest asset, so we have also made them our priority. It’s our way of ensuring a total banking relationship for you.

What truly matters to me is to spend time on what's really important to me.
We make your international banking seamless.