• Fast access to capital

    In some cases, we can approve your application in as quickly as 5 working days

  • 85% loans

    Through our SME Credit Guarantee Fund, we offer up to 85% loans for companies with insufficient collateral

  • Balance transfers

    We welcome balance transfers or top-ups from SMEs currently holding property loans with other banks

  • Low interest rates

    We offer extremely low interest rates for the first 12 instalments


Fast Access To Working Capital

SME stores or shops can use their self-owned properties as collateral to borrow working capital. The application review process can be completed in as quickly as 5 business days.

Note: Business hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Applications submitted after business hours will be processed as applications delivered on the next day. Completion of the application review does not include any notary and disbursement processes required.

85% Loans

For applicants with insufficient collateral, the Small & Medium Enterprise Credit Guarantee Fund sponsored by local government can be introduced as alternative collateral. In some scenarios, loans can be up to 85% of the collateral appraisal value.

Note: Applications qualified under the terms of The Central Bank of the Republic of China's Regulation on Financial Institutions' Businesses of Loan against Land and Specific Area Housing Loan will be processed in accordance with the loan limits outlined by the regulation.

Balance Transfers Are Welcome

We welcome balance transfers or top-ups from corporate customers who currently hold property loans with other financial institutions in order to free up working capital and build their business.

Note: Product details shall be in line with the bank's latest regulations. Standard Chartered reserves the right to determine the final loan amount, interest rate applied and loan approval.

Interest Savings With Competitive Interest Rates

Various benefits are available depending on the loan product you choose, e.g lower interest rates for the first 12 instalments, interest rates for the 13th instalment and beyond will follow the bank's flexible increases over the time deposit interest rate index (note 4).

Terms and Conditions

    1. Business hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Applications submitted after business hours will be processed as applications delivered on the next day
    2. This program is limited to applicants of: domestic companies with more than 3 consecutive years of operation, or a responsible person, responsible person's spouse, shareholder, director or supervisor of the aforementioned companies
    3. The bank's index rate will be adjusted on 20th February, 20th May, 20th August and 20th November. For more information, please refer to the explanation available on the bank's website
    4. Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) Limited reserves the right to terminate or modify this program as well as the product contents and agreement at any time
    5. Service Hotline
      For fixed-line telephone, please call: 4051-0088
      For mobile phone, please call: (02)4051-0088
    6. Interest rates for this product depend on the bank's index rate ("i"). Therefore, the actual interest rate for the loan will vary with "i" accordingly
    7. The time limit for early redemption on this program is 2 years. A penalty of 1% of the early redemption amount will be imposed for the 1st year after disbursement. A penalty of 0.5% of the early redemption amount will be imposed for redemption within 2 years after disbursement.
    8. Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) Limited has final discretion on approval over the percentage of loan offered, interest rates applied, loan tenure and loan application. Details of the loan agreement shall follow Loan Against Property application document and agreement of the SME, Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) Limited

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