Enjoy the convenience of banking from your account in both Kenya and Uganda.


Enjoy the reassurance and peace of mind knowing that your bank is with you, wherever you go across Kenya and Uganda. With Borderless Banking, you enjoy the convenience of banking from your account in both Kenya and Uganda. Services available include;

  • Cash withdrawals
  • Balance inquiries
  • Real time cash deposits
  • Statement requests

You will be able to save time and money on all your transactions as they will be processed quickly as if you were making them at your home branch and at no extra cost.


  • Currency issued will be for the country in which one is transacting
  • A US$ 10,000 limit per a transaction per a day
  • Only available over the counter
  • Service only available during normal working hours and days for both countries
  • No extra fees to be charged for the service


    Documents Required
  • You will require the following documents to use the Borderless Banking service in your non domicile country;

    • Cheque book or savings deposit/withdrawal slip
    • Identification documents

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