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Recalibrating the supply chain compass

The global trade landscape has seen a significant shift over the past few decades. Automation and digital trade have gained pace, facilitated by improvements in technology and the emergence of new digital products.  Global supply chains have become more specialised and interwoven, with goods often having to pass through multiple stages before finally reaching the end consumer

5 January 2021

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What makes a great leader?

Today, men and women are learning from each other, and are aspiring to emulate qualities that would previously have been considered male or female. This will ultimately lead to better leaders, and more diverse, balanced leadership teams, essential both for the current and future crises, as well as business as usual

13 November 2020

Sustainability in trade: Leadership paves the way for progress, but barriers remain

More needs to be done to ensure sustainability within global supply chains despite progress made Sponsored by Standard Chartered

8 October 2020

Investors flood to sustainability in wake of coronavirus

Sustainable investment has seen a boom, with investors looking long term in difficult economic times

29 June 2020

Tanzanian rail project – on track to create economic growth

Standard Chartered works with the Government of Tanzania to finance Standard Gauge Railway project

19 June 2020

Are the disrupted becoming the disruptors? The new generation of marketplaces

Traditional companies are following the example of digital business in the development of marketplaces

29 April 2020

Breaking down sustainability barriers in global supply chains

Sustainability is no longer an adjunct to good business, but pivotal to it

14 April 2020

Real-time payments in an increasingly connected world

How is the real-time payment landscape changing, and what effect is it having on corporate payments and collections?

13 January 2020