Community Investment in the Americas

We work with communities to deliver programmes that promote social and economic development focusing on health, youth and financial education.

Seeing is Believing (SiB)

The Americas region supports SiB through an annual flagship Ride for Sight initiative and a variety of staff led initiatives.

  • 2015’s edition of Ride for Sight (a 220 mile bike ride from Saratoga Springs, New York to Manhattan) raised over $50,000 for SiB, and the Americas staff is building on this momentum with various activities to achieve the fundraising goal.
  • In 2014, the team raised $110,000 for Seeing is Believing with creative staff initiatives and a 260 mile bike ride from Boston to New York. This exceeded the target of $100,000.
  • In 2014, a SiB project in Peru was launched to support the diagnosis and treatment of Cataract, a key cause of blindness in Peru. The project provided high quality cataract surgery and patient care, while enhancing the community's access to these services.
Employee Volunteering

The Americas is an active supporter of employee volunteering. It offers staff three days of volunteer leave per year. More than 1000 volunteering days were clocked in 2014 on a variety of community initiatives.

We remain committed to contributing to the local community in which we operate in and support a variety of local organizations including:

  • New Jersey Food Bank, a food pantry that provides food to soup kitchens throughout New Jersey
  • Citymeals, an organization that delivers meals to the homebound elderly
  • New Jersey Cares and New York Cares, both organizations clean up parks & school spaces
  • Newark Now, an organization that provides new mothers in Newark with free baby supplies for their families
  • God's Love We Deliver & Gay Men's Health Crisis, organizations that provide healthy meals & overall support to people living with HIV and other terminal illnesses
  • Hellen Keller's ChildSight program, a program that provides children in NJ & NY with free eyesight screening and glasses
  • Bideawee, a leading pet welfare organization serving the New York community
  • Gay Men's Health Crisis - a leading provider of HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and advocacy.
Financial Education

A team of 20 Standard Chartered staff completed training on the Financial Education for Youth (FE4Y) and Education for Entrepreneurs (E4E) toolkits in September and October of 2014. Once trained, staff can lead on skills-based volunteering outreach to local schools in Newark and New York to support financial inclusion for all.

Living with HIV

Launched in 1999, the HIV Committee is a strong supporter of the need to raise awareness and support local HIV/AIDS volunteering opportunities.

In addition to supporting greater internal awareness, the Living with HIV committee continues to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and organize opportunities to support the community with the following organizations:

  • God's Love We Deliver
  • Henry Street Settlement
  • Harlem United
  • Iris House
  • Gay Men’s Health Crisis
Key Partnerships / Sponsorships

Technology Incubator for Women Entrepreneurs

In October 2014, Standard Chartered Bank partnered with the Zahn Innovation Center at the City College of New York to launch The Standard Chartered Technology Incubator for Women Entrepreneurs program. The incubator program aims to support greater diversity in gender representation within technology entrepreneurship by providing support, guidance, and resources that early-stage women-led start-ups need to grow into successful businesses.

Upwardly Global

The Bank has partnered with UpGlo since August 2011. UpGlo is an internationally recognized, award winning non-profit organization that aims to eliminate employment barriers for skilled immigrants and refugees. In doing so, integrating them into the professional U.S. workforce.

The partnership is multifaceted. It includes opportunities for employee volunteering, mentorship and talent sourcing. Through this relationship, staff is connected with UpGlo members and given opportunities to guide Upglo members in developing skills to secure employment in the U.S. This partnership offers opportunities for staff to undertake skills-based volunteering while offering a platform to contribute to the local community.

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