What kind of benefits can I get from Personal Accident Insurance?

Plan A (VND) Plan B (VND) Plan C (VND)
Death or Permanent Disablement 100,000,000 200,000,000 500,000,000
Loss of income as a result of Temporary total or partial Disablement (maximum 104 weeks) 800,000 per week 1,600,000 per week  4,000,000 per week
Medical, surgical, hospital, nursing home and nursing fees (maximum 104 weeks) 20,000,000 40,000,000 100,000,000

  • Fully Protection

    The Personal Accident Plan gives you and your family the protection you need, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world.

  • Greate benefits

    The plan offers a lump sum of up to VND 500,000,000 upon death or permanent disablement.

  • Special Discount

    You can receive special discount for group application from more than 20 people


How much do I have to pay?

Plan A (VND/Person) Plan B (VND/Person) Plan C (VND/Person)
Individual 380,000 750,000 1,850,000
Group from 20 to 49 people 361,000 712,500 1,757,000
Group from 50 to 200 people 342,000 675,000 1,665,000
Group from more than 200 people 323,000 637,500 1,572,500

Useful Information

Age upon entry: 0– 75 years old
For more information, please contact our hotline at (08)3911 0000 / (04) 3696 0000 for direct consultant or visit your nearest Standard Chartered branch.


The information provided on this page is not a contract of insurance. The descriptions of cover are a brief summary for quick and easy reference. The precise terms and conditions that apply are in the Policy Document. This plan is underwritten by MSIG Insurance (Vietnam) Company Limited and Standard Chartered Bank (Vietnam) Limited accepts no responsibility or liability for the plan or the products and services offered by MSIG Insurance (Vietnam) Company Limited.

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