What kind of benefits can I get from Property Insurance?

Benefits Details
All risks to property are covered Cover all sudden and unforeseen accidental and physical loss or damage to the insured property by any causes. All machinery and equipment inside the property will also be insured.
- Provide additional covers for free:
- Architects’ surveyors & consultant engineers’ fees
- Capital additions
- Removal of debris
- Electrical installation
- Errors and omissions
- Exploratory costs
- Fire brigade charges & extinguishing costs
- Misdescription
- Public authority
- Reinstatement value
- All other contents
Public & tenant’ liability Cover accidental death or bodily injury to or illness or disease of any person, accidental loss of or damage to property arising from the business and occurring within the geographical limits during the period of insurance.
Provide additional cover for free:
- Food and drinks
- Neon advertising sign
- Vehicle in insured’s park
- Loading/unloading
Personal accident insurance for business owner Cover all death, permanent loss or disablement as a result of accident
Support for temporary total disablement (per week) and medical expenses
Provide additional cover for free
Disappear after accident (over 1 year)
- Murder & assault
- Hijack
- Motorcycle or pillion riding
- Suffocation by smoke, poisonous fumes, gas and drowning
Money Insurance (Optional cover) Money on the premises out of business hours (in safe)
Money on the premises during business hours
Money in transit anywhere in Vietnam
Workers’ Compensation
(Optional cover)
Cover for death or permanent disablement (30 months salary)
Support for salary during treatment (12 months salary)
Support for medical expenses (6 months salary)

  • Fully Protection

    Protect your insured property in 24 hours a day, 365 days a year against all sudden and unforeseen accidental and physical loss or damage

  • Wide range of Plan

    Flexibility in choosing the wide range of insurance plans

Useful Information

For more information, please contact our hotline at (08)3911 0000 / (04) 3696 0000 for direct consultant or visit your nearest Standard Chartered branch.


The information provided on this page is not a contract of insurance. The descriptions of cover are a brief summary for quick and easy reference. The precise terms and conditions that apply are in the Policy Document. This plan is underwritten by MSIG Insurance (Vietnam) Company Limited and Standard Chartered Bank (Vietnam) Limited accepts no responsibility or liability for the plan or the products and services offered by MSIG Insurance (Vietnam) Company Limited.

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