What kind of benefits can I get from Structured Deposit?

  • Enjoy potential yield enhancement over time deposit
  • Investment pricipal protected if the deposit is held until maturity (subject to conditions)
  • Flexibility in choosing underlying & structure to capture market opportunity
  • Participate in different markets without direct investment
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Principal Protection

    100% principal protection (subject to conditions) at maturity date

  • Flexible options

    Varieties of tenors help your liquidity management

  • No annual management fee

    No need for front-end or annual management fee

Useful Information

Who should invest in Structured Deposit?

Investors who:

  • Have a medium to long investment time period
  • Want return of principal (subject to conditions†)
  • Have a view on the outlook of the underlying investment
What should investors look out for when investing in Structured Deposits?
  • The tenor should suit your investment time horizon
  • Evaluate the best and worst case return based on the formula, and compare it against the return from a term deposit of equivalent tenor
  • Understand the underlying mechanics of the investments
  • Credit worthiness of issuing bank
  • The frequency of the coupon payout should suit your cash flow requirements
  • Whether there is a penalty to unwind if you need to liquidate the investment

For more information, please contact our hotline at (08)3911 0000 / (04) 3696 0000 for direct consultant or visit your nearest Standard Chartered branch.

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