Automatic Safe Deposit Locker

Automatic Safe Deposit Locker offers you a flexible, convenient and secure solution to store valuables such as high value personal belongings, jewellery and important documents

Locker Authentication

card nets mastercard payment

SC Debit/ Credit card with magnetic stripe is used for registration

atm convenient withdrawal

4 digit PIN number selected by Locker Holder

added value help

Any Locker Holder’s fingerprint can be used for registration

secure private

2 physical keys available for each locker

All fees are exclusive of 10% VAT
Rental Fee and Rental Deposit Amount is collected in advance and in full amount for the whole contract tenor.
Rental Deposit Amount will be returned and credited to Client’s account upon complete termination of the Locker contract, unless the locker key is lost /not returned, or in the case of involuntary surrender, where it is required to break open the locker due to suspicion.
Overdue Contract Fee is applicable if Main Locker Holder does not collect the content of the Locker from the Bank after contract expiration date
Locker Title Holder with monthly average CASA balance of VND 200 mil and above will receive the monthly cashback, calculated as:
Monthly cash back= (Annual Rental Fee ) / 12

Locker Type

Locker size
D x H x W (mm)
Weight Allowance(kg)
Small 49x300x400 35
Medium 84x300x400 35
Large 186x300x400 35

Key Charges

Size Small
Size Medium
Size Large
Annual Rental Fee VND10mil VND12mil VND15mil
Rental Deposit VND2mil VND2mil VND2mil
Lock Replacement VND2mil VND2mil VND2mil
Overdue Contract Fee (per year) VND5mil VND5mil VND5mil
info Additional information


  • Nationality: Vietnamese (for Locker Title Holder only)
  • Age requirement: must be above 18 years old


  • For Locker Title Holder:
    • Have a VND Current Account with the Bank
    • Be our Priority Existing-To Bank Client and AUM of TD & CASA balance at the time of SDL sign up is >= VND1 billion to be qualified for monthly cash back on the rental fee.
    • If the AUM balance less than VND 1 billion; the rental fee is applied.
    • Complete the Safe Deposit Locker application form
  • For Locker Mandate Holder:
    • Must be close blood/marriage relationship (i.e. spouse, children, parent, sibling) with Main Locker Holder
    • Have an existing Current Account with Standard Chartered, with SC Debit/Credit Card included
Safe Deposit Locker Simply secure your valuables with our fully robotic locker


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