What kind of benefits can I get from Online Term Deposit?

  • Competitive interest rates and convenience
  • Allow Premature Withdrawal unlimited (Partial / Full withdrawal) (Premature withdrawal or cancel must be performed at Branch)
  • Power Saver's lowest interest rate will be applied for premature withdrawal amount
  • The outstanding amount still continue the same tenor with same FD interest rate
  • Interest calculated on daily basis
  • No monthly statement

    Interest posted at the end of the term. Available in VND, AUD, GBP, EUR, SGD and USD. Minimum opening balance is 1,000 FCY or 10M VND

Booking, Terms and Conditions, Guidance


Via Online Banking of Standard Chartered
Note: Only single owned accounts (not Joint AND/OR accounts) are eligible to be debited for the purpose of opening TD online.

Term Deposit Online Opening

Terms and Conditions


Instruction of booking Term Deposit Online

Terms and Conditions

Term Deposit Online Opening

for e$aver Account
Available for VND account only
All Terms and Conditions of personal account apply
Standard Chartered has sole discretion to change the Terms & Rates without prior notice

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