Understanding and responding to your unique needs, at home and abroad.


Placing an experienced team of managers and specialists at your service along with exclusive and differentiated banking channels
We are committed to delivering a premium level of service and attention wherever you are

Dedicated Relationship Team

A dedicated and skilled Relationship Manager will manage your interests
He can oversee your total financial relationship with the Bank
Our Relationship Manager is supported by a qualified and experienced team
The team includes customer service managers and product experts
We help you on investments, foreign exchange, insurance...
You can rest assured of always receiving a high level of service

Ask Once and It's Done Service


Faster, simpler and differentiated banking experience
Dedicated banking channels which provide you with the exclusivity
These include Priority Banking centres and hotlines across our countries
Your specific requests will always be responded promptly
The answers and solutions are from our fully empowered relationship teams
All you need to do is to ask us once and we will ensure that it gets done

Exclusive Banking Channels

We offer you access to a full range of exclusive banking channels:
Meeting rooms that provide discretion and confidentiality
Private Priority Banking teller at our branches
Priority Banking with direct line access to an experienced phone banker
Internet banking facilities with the highest transaction limit
These simple measures help you complete your banking transactions faster

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