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Features of Priority Banking Debit Card

  1. Card Number: This is your exclusive 16-digit card number. Please quote this number in all communication/ correspondence with the bank regarding your card enquiries
  2. Your Name: The debit card is personal to you. You are the only authorized person to use your card. Please check to see that the card has been correctly indent printed with your information.
  3. Valid From-Expires End: Your card is valid from the day it is activated until the date of expiry as given on the card. Maximum term of validity of the card is 8 years.
  4. Primary Account Number: This is the primary bank account to which this card is linked.
  5. Magnetic Strip: Important information pertaining to your account is encoded here. Please protect your card from scratching or exposure to magnets and magnetic fields as they can damage your strip.
  6. Personal Identification Number (PIN): You will receive a confidential PIN for use of your card at ATM’s.
  7. Signature Panel: Please sign this panel immediately on the receipt of your card with a non erasable ball point pen.
  8. CVV2 Number/ CCS: three (3) digit at the back side of the card normally used for internet transaction
  9. Visa Plus and Hologram (Debit Card): any ATM or Merchant displayed this logo accepts your Debit card worldwide.
  10. Electronic use only: in case of purchase transactions, the debit card can only be used at merchant outlets with electronic point.
  11. Debit card activation: After receiving card, you should change PIN for security purpose at any Standard Chartered ATM. To activate your card, you can do any transation at any Standard Chartered ATM in Vietnam or any ATM having logo VISA/Plus (include ACB’s ATMs).You would not be able to use at POS or online transaction if you do not change PIN or have not done any transaction at ATM.
Card Limit
Transaction kind Limit per transaction (VND) Limit per day/ per card (VND)
Cash withdrawal 10,000,000 100,000,000
POS transaction 200,000,000 200,000,000
Fund transfer 100,000,000 100,000,000
Online payment 100,000,000 200,000,000

Note: POS transaction and Online payment share the limit per day per card.

Cash withdrawals would only be in VND and currently the facility is only offered to valid VND account holders. Maximum balances seen both at ATM screen or any receipt would be restricted to 999,999,999 VND/FCY. By default balances above, the amount would not be shown. Please contact our branch or Call Center in event you require information on balances or amounts greater than as stated above.

What your card can do

At any Standard Chartered ATM in Vietnam

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Balance enquiry
  • PIN change
  • Mini account statement for your last 10 transactions
  • Account statements request
  • Cheque book request
  • Fund transfer between accounts (own accounts or any 3rd party account at Standard Chartered)
  • Fast cash withdrawal (from primary account by default)

At any ATMs having logo VISA/Plus (both domestic and oversea) include ACB’s ATMs

  • Cash withdrawal (from primary account by default)
  • Balance enquiry

At non-Standard Chartered POS (both domestic and overseas)

  • Paying for goods or services (from primary account by default) at merchants, stores which accept Visa
  • Cash withdrawal at other bank’s POS (at bank branchs only)
  • Paying for online transactions
How to use your card at ATM
  1. Insert card and enter your PIN (personal indication number).
  2. Select type of transaction (Cash withdraw, Balance Enquiry, Change PIN, Bill payment, Fund transfer, Cheque Book Request, Statement Request).
  3. Select your account you would like to access (primary or others).
  4. You will be asked to confirm the transaction and receipt printing.

Or you will be asked if you would like to perform other transaction in case you did non-financial transaction successfully previously.

For Cash Withdrawal transaction

  1. You would first be required to take your card back before the cash dispenses.
  2. ATM will “beep” to remind you to take the money.
  3. Take the card & cash within 30 seconds or else the card will be captured into the ATM for security reasons

At Merchant (for Debit card)

  1. Present your debit card after making your purchase.
  2. Your card will be swiped by the merchant for authorization.
  3. After successful authorization, the transacted amount will first be blocked from your account.
  4. Check and sign the sale slip. Your signature must match with that on the reserve of the debit card.

For online transaction (for Debit card)

  1. Go to online retail websites for purchasing
  2. Choose your favorites things
  3. Input required card information (card number, expired date, CVV2 or CCS)
  4. Complete input all the required data and process to Pay (the transacted amount will first be blocked from your account and later debited from your account)
General Tips
  • Your PIN should not be easy that someone else could figure out and use the card such as your birthday, your address, ect. Memorize your PIN. Don’t write it on your card or any where in your wallet. Do not tell your PIN to anyone
  • When entering your PIN at ATM, be aware of any people that may be standing around you attempting to look over your shoulder.
  • Always remember to take your cash and your card back from the ATM. Do it as soon as it pops out, if it remains in the slot of the ATM and over the allowed time, your card and cash will be captured by the ATM for security reasons. If you use ATM of other banks and if your ATM card is captured then the bank will not return the card to you; on this case, you need to notify Standard Chartered to issue a new one.
  • After 3 consecutive wrong entries of PIN or 6 wrong entries within a day, your card is blocked; the ATM automatically rejects the card. In case the card is deactivated because of wrong PIN entries, you need to contact the Customer Service Center and ask for unblock the card.
  • Sign at the back of the card right after you receive card from Standard Chartered as merchants may check and compare the signature on the sale slip with the signature at the back of card.
  • When using debit card at merchants or doing online payments, only primary account is able to be debited for payment.
Specific features
  • Account holder would be required to tag the primary account linked to the card and all default transactions would automatically occur in the primary account.
  • The account holder can link secondary account(s) to his/her card and transaction can be transacted from secondary account also (only applied at Standard Chartered’s ATM) – can be only linked to power saver and cannot be linked to e-Saver
  • If your card ever gets lost or stolen, you are only protected against fraudulent purchase transactions from the moment you report the loss to Standard Chartered Customer Service Center in Vietnam (Call to the Call Center and report). For you to confirm the loss it is important to completely verify yourself as the card holder on the phone. You are also required under the law of Vietnam to confirm in writing the same to the bank. Standard Chartered would officially confirm blocking of the card after receiving the notice.
  • Standard Chartered will arrange to replace your card once you have blocked your card at Standard Chartered branch. The fee for card re-issuance will be at your expense. You would be required to visit our branch to collect your card. The card number and PIN would again be re-generated at Standard Chartered and request for the same card number cannot be done as you will be issued with a new card number
  • Standard Chartered would issue you a new card automatically when the card expires. In case you activate the new card (first usage) prior to the expiry date you would automatically deactivate the old card.

Priority Banking – Debit card General Terms and Conditions shall apply.

For any queries regarding your card, please call Standard Chartered Customer Service Center at the following numbers:

Ha Noi
(84 4)3696 0000

Ho Chi Minh
(84 4) 3911 0000

Or visit our website at: www.standardchartered.com/vn/