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Apply for a Standard Chartered Saadiq Credit Card online

Enjoy 0 annual fee, cash advance or late payment fees, AED 300 cashback and earn Rewards Points* on your spending.

Key Benefits
  • Successfully Successfully apply and get an AED 200 cashback*
  • *Minimum spends required to enjoy the cashback offer is AED 5,000
  • Perfect for salaried individuals with a minimum monthly salary: AED 8,000*
  • Zero annual fees for the first year and when you spend AED 2,000 in a year from the second year onwards*
  • Zero over-limit fees. You won’t be charged if you go over your credit card limit
  • Zero cash advance fees. You won’t be charged if you use your credit card at ATMs
  • Zero late payment fees. If you’re a little short of cash one month or simply forget to make a payment, there are no extra charges.

Annual Fees:

  • 1st Year: No Annual Fee for New Credit Card Applicants. Existing Cardholders AED 315.
  • 2nd Year Onwards: Annual Fee is AED 315. Annual Fee will be waived if retail spends for the preceding 12 months exceeds AED 2000 or equivalent.

*T&Cs apply


  • Monthly Salary of at least AED 8,000
  • Minimum Age is 21+ years
  • Must be a Resident of United Arab Emirates
  • If Salaried, you must have an official work email ID

Documents Required:

  • Copy of Emirates ID / Passport and Visa Copy