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The perfect business tool to multiply your trade sales.

  • Letter of Credit (LC) Sight & Usance

    A written undertaking from a world class bank to pay a beneficiary (e.g. Supplier) only against agreed set of stipulated documents, provided all terms and conditions of the LC are met.

    Sight LC Payment – payment made against set of documents that are in full compliance with the LC Terms & Conditions.

    Usance LC Payment – payment made on a future date to beneficiary after acceptance of the LC documents.

  • Loan Against Trust Receipts (LATR)

    Short term Import Loan, mainly offered in conjunction with Import LCs.

  • Custom bonds and guarantees

    Guarantee / bond issued in favour of customs.

Straight2Bank services combine convenience and security in one comprehensive and easy-to-use internet platform helping you access Trade, Lending and online Treasury as well as Cash Management services.

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