Purpose of Payment Code and STP Implementation Procedures

What is Purpose of Payment Code?

It is a code contains 4 characters that indicate the purpose of the payment (both incoming and outgoing payments). And it will be used for statistical analysis internally and at Central Bank of Jordan. The list of codes is assigned and created by Central Bank of Jordan, and any invalid code that does not belong to the list at the time of the payment will be rejected. The Purpose of payment code will become mandatory for all outgoing and incoming payments starting 02 February 2015.

What if my payment has no related code within the list provided?

The list of codes is comprehensive and was created by the Central Bank of Jordan. It has all possible reasons for payments (both domestic and cross border payments).
The Central Bank of Jordan requires all payments to include one of the codes in the mentioned list.

What happens if I forgot to provide the code in my outward transfer application?

The Bank will try to reach you by a call back. The payment request will be held for three working days before we terminate it in case we couldn’t reach you.

Does this include payments standing instructions?

Yes, the purpose of payment code is required for payment standing instructions.

Does this include internal payment between accounts within Standard Chartered Bank- Jordan?

No, the purpose of payment code is required only for payments between other banks.

Do I need to ask my clients and expected remitters to add a purpose code in the remittances they wish to send to me?

Yes, all inward remittances coming from both domestic and cross border need to carry purpose of payment code as per the official list provided from Central Bank of Jordan

Which field is expected to carry the purpose of payment code?

The code is expected to appear in the first 4 characters in field 70 in the payment Swift message type 103.
In case the remitting bank is not able to add the code at the start of field 70 for any restrictions at their country, then we can expect the code anywhere in field 70 or 72, but it will eliminate the possibility of processing the payment automatically by system without any manual intervention.

What happens if I received an inward transfer without the required purpose of payment code?

The Bank will send a communication to the ordering bank asking them to provide a proper purpose of payment code. The payment will be held for three working days before we return it to the ordering bank in case we didn’t receive any revert.

For more clarification, please call your designated customer service number:

For Retail customers, please call Phone Banking Services at +962 6 5658011

For SME customers, please Phone Banking Services at +962 6 5658011

For Priority customers, please call Priority Phone Banking Services at +962 6 5519206

For Corporate customers, please call Client Services Group at +962 6 5676733

Online Banking

Who can apply for this service?

If you hold any (or a combination) of the following products from Standard Chartered, you can register for the service:

  • Basic Account
  • Savings Account
  • Current Account
  • Credit Card

The service is offered for individuals and sole proprietorships.

Why should I use Online Banking?
  • It's easy to apply for, easy to use
  • It's your own bank - you have instant access to real time information on your banking, Credit Card and loan accounts. This apart, you can access information on our full range of products and services at the click of a mouse. Rest assured it is personalised to meet your requirements.
  • It's safe and easy - using your unique login ID and Password, you can now bank with confidence, knowing that your transactions remain safe. With our simple and easy to use navigational toolbars, you will realise how easy it is to browse the site.
  • It's convenient - you can perform secure electronic banking right from the comfort of your home or office through the internet.
  • It's open 24 hours - with Online Banking, you can access your accounts day and night - no need to wait for your monthly account statements or limit your banking to branch timings. You can even access it on bank holidays in effect 365 days a year.
  • No special software is required - you don't need to purchase any special software. As long as you have a PC with the minimum configuration for internet browsing / surfing, you are ready to start.
  • Wide range of services - our wide range of Online Banking services will help you better manage your finances. Moreover, we will progressively add more services for your convenience, so remember to let us know what else you would like.
How can I register for Online Banking?

Please visit your nearest Standard Chartered branch in order to sign the application form

Do I have to pay for using this service / Are there extra charges for this service?

The "Online Banking" service is a free service

How secure is this facility?

We have adopted comprehensive security measures to safeguard your use of Online Banking.

Customer Authentication with Login ID and Password
You must enter the unique Login ID and Password to access Online Banking. All information transmitted through the Internet, including your Login ID, Password, your account information and your transaction details, from the moment you log in to the time you log out, are protected by strong end-to-end 128 bit SSL encryption; i.e. from your PC browser to the Bank's system.

2-Factor Authentication for transactions
All financial transactions and personal updates on Online Banking require a 2-factor authentication process. This means that in addition to your usual login credentials, we will send a temporary one-time SMS passcode to your registered mobile number in order for you to complete the transaction. This process ensures that only you, as the account holder, will be authorised to carry out transactions on your account.

Automatic Logout
To prevent unauthorized access at your PC while it is unattended, we have implemented a time-out feature. Your login session of Online Banking will be terminated if the browser is left idle for a while.

Last Login Date and Time are indicated
Your last login date and time are provided in your first screen for your verification. The system does not allow simultaneous or multiple log in. The Bank always considers security to be of utmost importance. We have adopted very high standards and tight controls in managing our computer systems and networks.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password please contact our Phone Banking Service at 080022099 (Toll Free Number) using a local landline, and at +962 2 5658011 for calls from outside / inside Jordan or visit your nearest branch to get your user name and password re-issued.


What is eStatements?

eStatement is an electronic version of your paper statement.

Which accounts will I be able to receive eStatements for?

All banking accounts and all credit cards.

What types of eStatement services are available?

The eStatements services available is "Email statement" service.

What is the "Email eStatement" Service?

The "Email eStatement" service is a service where your eStatement will be sent directly to your registered email address in an encrypted PDF format.

Is there a fee for using the eStatement Service?

The "Email eStatement" service is a free service

How do I register for the eStatement service?

You can register for eStatement by visiting your nearest Standard Chartered branch

How will I know if my registration has been confirmed?

A welcome message will be sent to your registered email address after successful registration of the Service.

When will I receive the eStatement?

eStatement Delivery/Alert email will be sent within 2 business days after the Statement Date. Please call Phone Banking at 0800 22 099 or +962 6 565 8011 if there is any delay or problem with receiving eStatements from us.

How long will my eStatement be available for viewing at Standard Chartered Online Banking?

Each type of eStatement account will be archived at Standard Chartered Online Banking within the most recent 12 months.

Will I continue to receive paper statement(s)?

No. We will stop mailing paper statement(s) to you after the next statement date.

Do I need to enter my password when viewing my eStatement?

Yes. Your password is required whenever you want to open the eStatement attachment that is sent to your mailbox. However, your password is not required if you wish to access your transaction details through Online Banking.

What is my eStatement password?
  • For account eStatements:
    The default password is your 7 digits that forms part of your account number.

    E.g. If your full Account Number is 01 1234567 01 then your password will be 1234567

  • For credit card eStatements (primary card holder):
    The default password is a combination of the primary card holder's date of birth in DDMMYY format and the last 8 digits of the Credit Card number.

    E.g. If the primary cardholder's date of birth is 25 November 1980 and the last 8 digits of the Credit Card number is 12345678 then the default password is 25118012345678.

Can I change my registered email address?

Yes, you need to contact our Phone Banking Service at 080022099 (Toll Free Number) using a local landline, and at +962 6 5658011 for calls from outside / inside Jordan or visit your nearest branch, also you can simply update it through SC Online Banking Mobile application or Online Banking platform. Your email address will be updated in 2 business days.

Do I need special software to view my eStatements?

To open the encrypted eStatements, please use Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7. You can download the latest version Adobe Acrobat Reader from www.adobe.com for free.

Is it possible to receive both paper and eStatement for the same account?

No. You can only select either paper statement or eStatement for the same account.

Can I resume my paper statement? What if I want to start receiving paper copies of my account statement again?

Yes, you can subscribe for paper statement by placing a request at the branch.

What is the latest time for me to cancel my eStatement service in order to be effective before next statement cycle date?

You can place a request to change the statement delivery mode from eStatement to paper statement with a notice of 15 business days before the next statement cycle date.

Do I need to register again if I have applied for a new credit card/banking account?

The eStatement Service will be applicable to ALL your credit card account(s) now and those opened in the future with Standard Chartered Bank Jordan.

Do I receive an eStatement every month?

Depending on the types of accounts that you are enrolling with the eStatement service.

Why have I not received any confirmation/Welcome emails after registration to eStatements?

Please ensure your registered email address has sufficient capacity at all times and to add Standard Chartered email address (Global.E-Statement-MESA@sc.com) to your contact list to avoid potential spam filtering.


What are Banking Alerts?

Banking alerts are notifications about transactional activities on your bank account. These alerts will be delivered to you via SMS.

What are the benefits of Banking Alerts?

Banking alerts allows you to enjoy timely updates on your account activities and to be alerted in event of fraudulent transactions.

How can I subscribe to the Banking Alerts service?

Visit your nearest Standard Chartered branch to sign the required form.

What are the Banking Alerts available?

Accounts Alerts:

  • Cash Deposit
  • Issuance of Cheque Book
  • Cheque Deposit
  • Cash Withdrawal through our branches, ATMs or JONET
  • Outward Telegraphic Transfer
  • Inward Telegraphic Transfer
  • Transaction on Point of Sale

Credit Card Alerts:

  • Credit Card Payment
  • Credit Card Dues
  • Credit Card Activation
  • Credit Card Renewal
  • Contact Detail Changes
  • Redemption of Reward Points
  • Transaction on Point of Sale
Is the Banking Alerts service available to all Standard Chartered customers?

The Banking Alerts service is available to all customers holding current, savings or credit cards with Standard Chartered Bank.

Do I have to pay to use the Banking Alerts service?

The Banking Alerts service is free. However, if you are travelling and you are on a roaming network, your mobile service provider may charge you for receiving any incoming SMS messages (including our alerts) depending on your prevailing price plan.

Please check with your mobile service provider for more information.

I have terminated my mobile phone service. Will the Banking Alerts service be affected?

Yes. The Banking Alerts service will be affected. Please unsubscribe from the Banking Alerts service accordingly.

I have changed my mobile phone number. Do I need to inform the Bank?

Yes, you need to update the Bank with the latest mobile phone number as we will be sending any alerts to the mobile number prerecorded in our system. To update your mobile number, you can visit any of our branches or you can change it via your Online Banking Services.

How many accounts can be linked to the Banking Alerts service?

All of your current, savings accounts and credit card accounts can be linked to the service.

Can I use the Banking Alerts service while using more than one phone?

No. Your mobile number is linked to your individual profile. It is only possible to have a single mobile number to individual profile.

What security precautions should I take when using this Banking Alerts service?

As a good security practice, you may wish to delete any SMS you received from your mobile phone 'Inbox' folder as they may contain sensitive account related information.

3D Secure™

What is 3D Secure™?

3D Secure™ is an online security feature powered by Visa for credit transactions carried out online. It protects you from unauthorized online purchases as you will be required to provide a one-time password (OTP) that is sent to your registered mobile number when making purchases on websites bearing the "Verified by Visa" sign.

Is 3D Secure™ applicable for all online purchases?

No, this additional authentication process is applicable only to websites that have enabled the security feature. You will know if the website is enabled for 3D Secure™ if the "Verified by Visa" sign is displayed on the website.

How does 3D Secure™ protect me against unauthorized transactions?

Before you can complete your online purchase, you must enter a one-time password (OTP), that will be sent to your mobile number and/or email address. This additional authorization step ensures that only the cardholder will have the password required to complete the transaction.

How much does the 3D Secure™ feature cost?

It is a free security feature on all Standard Chartered credit.

Do I need to apply for a new Standard Chartered credit card to enable the 3D Secure™ feature?

No, it is applicable across all Standard Chartered Chip and PIN credit cards.

How can I update my mobile number and email address?

For Personal Banking Customers, please contact our Phone Banking Service at 080022099 (Toll Free Number) using a local landline, and at +962 6 5658011 for calls from outside / inside Jordan.
For Priority Banking Customers, please contact our Phone Banking Service at 080022828 (Toll Free Number) using a local landline, and at +962 6 5519206 for calls from outside / inside Jordan.
you can simply update your mobile number and email address through SC Online Banking Mobile application or Online Banking platform

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