We're Cedrus Bank in Lebanon now.

Thank you for banking with us. We have previously informed our clients that Standard Chartered Bank SAL is no longer part of the Standard Chartered group of companies in Lebanon.

Standard Chartered Bank SAL is now a subsidiary of Cedrus Invest Bank SA and will be renamed as Cedrus Bank SAL ("Cedrus Bank") in Lebanon. This new entity is not affiliated with Standard Chartered PLC or Standard Chartered Bank or any of its subsidiaries -- the "Standard Chartered Group".

Please note that as of Feb 27, 2015, Standard Chartered Group accepts no responsibility or liability, and any and all responsibility and liability is expressly disclaimed, in relation to Cedrus Bank. Any mark containing "Standard Chartered" and our names and logos used on the Cedrus Bank website are trademarks of Standard Chartered PLC and are used under a limited license.

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