Our point of view

“We want to be the best international bank, and we recognise we cannot be that bank without being a leader in fighting financial crime. It’s not one or the other. And a core part of getting that right is developing controls that take into account the risks that we face as a bank around the world.”

John Cusack | Global Head, Financial Crime Compliance


“Our people can see the connections between the work that they're doing in the fight against financial crime and the impact that creates. There is such a heightened level of understanding of why we're doing this. And that means that the whole issue of it being a burden is slowly diminishing to becoming a responsibility.”

Mahendra Gursahani | Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia


Investment in financial crime compliance

Our investment in financial crime controls is improving our ability to fight financial crime.

Supporting governance through Board level oversight

Reflections from Sir Iain Lobban, Independent advisor member of Standard Chartered’s Board Financial Crime Risk Committee and former Director of the British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ):

I come from a career in the national security world - motivated by an urge to stop bad things happening: terrorism, nation state belligerence, military conflict, cyber attack, serious crime. When I left government I didn't think I would find the same commitment to protect our societies in the commercial world, but wanted to maintain some connection to that ethos.

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Financial Crime Fighters

Financial crime professionals across the Bank work every day to implement the enhanced controls that we are putting in place. Here are three recent stories of action from across our network.

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Next steps

“We've improved our controls and we want to go further. That means using state-of-the-art technology and data analytics to try and identify those persons and transactions who are really trying to abuse this organisation and launder criminal proceeds. We have a lot more to do and we are committed to completing the job that we have started.”

John Cusack | Global Head, Financial Crime Compliance


How we’re fighting financial crime